Your EMOTIONAL DIET: Ep 2 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Introductions and welcome to stiring up with Brahma Kumaris. Sis Shivani is with us. Welcome sister. Thank you a lot. Om Shanti. Om Shanti as well as welcome to Spirit Representations. Thank you. You are the books you review, the motion pictures you view, the songs you pay attention to., the people you hang out with, the discussions you participate in,. Choose wisely what you feed your mind with. Its initial line claimed- you ARE. You are guides you review. It indicates whatever you review or pay attention, whatever you see, whatever your discussions are – that is who you are. If we recognize its deepness, a great deal will certainly alter in our lives. You are suggests if we are seeing something or reading Maybe crime, maybe pain, maybe physical violence, maybe torture. It could be any emotion which is not pleasurable. Which is an emotion of pain. It is claiming you are not watching that, it is saying you are that. If we look at it at the degree of physical body, this body is what we eat.Whatever an individual

consumes, whatever air he takes a breath, the water he drinks. Generally whatever enters into the body This body is obtaining constructed out of them. Various people consume various things. What is the body comprised of? Whatever that eat. So what I feed my body, that is what my body is. Feed could be air, water, food-every little thing. It is what I feed. That is what my body is.Now, what I feed my mind -that is

what I am. In youth we had actually listened to-you are what you believe. Yes very true, you are what you assume. Yet what you assume is based on what you feed your mind. Does believing happen first or feeding? Whatever we feed, that is what we think of. It resembles- whatever we eat as well as consume alcohol is what makes our blood, is it not? If we enjoyed a movie in childhood, its impact would certainly last for several years.Everything that gets in us not only has an impact on

us. Why this line is so important is It is not saying that whatever we read, listen, or speak will have an influence on you. It is not stating that. It is claiming you are that. Lot of times we state-This thought developed, unfavorable thoughts take place, the minute a situation comes I begin believing adverse. Lots of individuals that fulfill us as well as claim they don ' t know why negative attitude concerns them so easily. Just how am I meant to assume favorably? We checked out so much that we need to assume positively.When a situation comes, the various other individual tells us to think positive. However we are incapable to think favorably. Positive thoughts are not concerning me, they are just adverse. Why so? I have two choices -either to think positive or unfavorable. Yet why are just negative ideas pertaining to me? In the same circumstance, how is someone else able to think favorably? Which indicates at the exact same time as well as in the same scenario, why are 2 individuals ' s health different? It is because both of them have over a duration of time eaten different food, water and air.That is why their health and wellness varies. Similarly, why do two people respond differently to the same situation? Because both of them over a period of years have actually fed different points to themselves and stored them within. You are what you feed your mind. Now if we inspect exactly how the entire day goes. The day begins with newspaper. Along with that, information channel. Next, we either get involved in the vehicle, bus or metro to go to work. We put ear plugs and also pay attention to songs. Details. Or we are listening to the radio being in the vehicle -information.Quality? You are what you are listening to. Every song that we paid attention to, we feel we are only paying attention to them. If we simply listen that whatever we are paying attention to -every word because opus is ending up being a part of our character. Because it is mosting likely to become my vocabulary. Whatever we pay attention to? My focus quickly went to youngsters. About what we ' re supposed to speak before them and also what not to. That is why the line said-the conversations you participate in. Whenever I am having a discussion with my better half or with my staff as well as the youngsters are with me, they are paying attention to'whatever I state. Yes they are paying attention. They are not just listening to it. They are becoming that. Why are the ending up being that? They are absorbing everything.We are absorbing everything. This is so essential. Why? Due to the fact that today we are swamped with media. Media, social media sites, electronic media and also print media-we are flooded with information. And we are not filtering that information. Whatever we read, viewing, listening, whatever somebody articles-we reviewed it totally. And also while reviewing it we state we are just reviewing it. We don ' t claim we are becoming that. We say – We are reading it. We are enjoying it. If we add one more line to it today- “We are becoming it” we will stop. But these points can not be linked to our researches. If someone is doing his Ph.D. Doesn ' t it become'a part of his character? It becomes his knowledge, is it not? It can be anything.It does not matter whether it is negative or favorable. “Whatever you absorb” is coming to be a part of your individuality. Today we just need to do one point-while reviewing or paying attention to something we require to tell ourselves That we are becoming this. After that you choose whether you wish to take it or you put on ' t intend to take it. Whether you desire your kids to take it in or you don ' t want them to take it in. The change that we are seeing in the society today, the shift that we are seeing in youngsters ' s character, also the shift that we are seeing in our own personality Why are our anxiety degrees and also aggression raising? Why is our emotional stability lowering? We are'fluctuating and getting disturbed also often.We are feeling an emptiness within. The factor for all this -what are we loading ourselves with. Over the last twenty years, our direct exposure to info has boosted. With gadgets, with technology, with 24/7 media, our direct exposure to details has actually enhanced numerous, many, lots of folds up. During our youth, we spent more time with youngsters of

our age. Today ' s children hang around with us. Just how much info would certainly they be gathering? Whatever we see on tv they are also enjoying. If it is a terrible motion picture then they are additionally viewing it with us. If we are reprimanding a personnel member after that they are also with us as well as listening to all that. It has made so much of a difference. Everything that we are taking in is obtaining taken in right into the spirit. There is no filter to say that I read this but I will not absorb it. There is no filter. Whatever I check out got taken in. It is like ink dropping on my kurta. I can ' t claim ink fell yet my kurta will not absorb it. At the very least that ink can be washed away. Yet the information absorbed can not be erased once it is consumed.Once it is absorbed, it gets soaked up inside. Next, our ideas will certainly be developed out of this information. Early early morning if I check out that there was a mishap below or there, or regarding a bomb blast, or a fire blazing somewhere-I review all this in the early morning. When I review it I know it is taking place worldwide. So I believed it is Information as well as so I require to review it. Due to the fact that I say I must recognize what is taking place worldwide. So I review it, as well as when I

review it, it ended up being a component of me.And after that at night, if one of my member of the family does not return home in time We return those thoughts – that glitch could have happened to my youngster. At that time the thought that -Something good would have taken place with him and hence he is late-it can not also come. When I review a paper or watch on news channel that something incorrect took place with a small kid My mind instantly goes in the direction of the minors whom I know. When you check out or when you saw it, was something which took place with one child. See exactly how this is going to happen. It happened with one kid. 1 crore people review about that occurrence in the paper. To make sure that info obtained registered in the minds of those 1 crore people.All those people considered several other kids. Nothing has happened yet but everybody has actually started to believe. So the minute they all thought, vibrations obtained developed. Those resonances got emitted right into the atmosphere. Lots of spirits absorbed these vibrations. And also individuals who were currently a little psychologically weak-they likewise observed this details that something wrong occurred with a minor child. So it became a component of their mind or heart. Next it is come into their action or their Fate. Whatever the media is showing to us is what is happening in the culture. So media shows that to us. Once media shows that to us As well as a large populace soaks up that Then that event enhances in the society.Whatever event gets absorbed, that gets boosted. Not simply the response in the direction of that case. It gets all the extra absorbed when it is reported in the paper when organizations are made and everybody concentrates on them. If you are working in the direction of the service, that will certainly obtain absorbed. Yet if the focus gets on the issue, then that obtains taken in. So as opposed to highlighting the issue, highlight the option. Since whatever you reveal or state, we watch and also pay attention to that -and after that we come to be that. Or else, if we only keep listening to what took place to somebody or at some place, or what occurred with a youngster It implies we obtained only that much information as well as it obtains signed up on the spirit. Something unpleasant occurred with that youngster, so what quality of thoughts will we produce now? They will certainly be associated with that occurrence. Every thought produced becomes a component of our character. We radiate vibrations of concern concerning our children that nothing unfavorable ought to occur to them. Whenever the kid heads out to fulfill somebody we will certainly once again produce that believed that he/she must take care. Worry, fear, stress and anxiety will come to be a part of our personality.But many times there is no solution. We just check out and say -What else can you expect in this Kalyug? And we just wish or pray that such things put on ' t take place. What is the service to boost the society? That everybody ' s individuality ought to elevate. What is the solution to elevate our character? We reviewed it -what we read, what we speak, what we view. Just consider the last 10 to 15 years-quality of media, top quality of certain motion pictures, quality of couple of tracks-what is being shared via them? What are the verses in those tracks? A kid is listening to them every day. The youngster feels he ' s only listening to music. But that is not all. He is becoming what he listens to.

Now pay attention. Pick carefully. Similar to just how we pick our food intelligently-today we eat natural food and also beverage mineral water. Begin consuming only natural details. If we start taking care of that, the high quality of information we'take in will change.What is the percentage of info being shared on WhatsApp and Facebook, which we in fact are not supposed to review even a single word of? Also a solitary word from it should not go in. Whether they are short video, jokes, comments regarding a person, witticism, poor humour, criticism, also an anime. 80 %of messages on WhatsApp is concerning these. There are many blog posts which we are forwarding to every other I would certainly say 90%. When'I get these messages, I just see a snapshot as well as delete it. The minute I read the first line that something took place, I delete it. Also videos have something politically against each various other, or something regarding a faith -basically a lot of them have adverse views. Several of them are not even true. It is everything about someone ' s point of view about an additional. Intend I have to discuss you. So I create a blog post regarding you. Maybe I wrote something teasing you or slammed you. Whatever I believed about you is what I created. So I prepared an article talking regarding you. So this article has an opinion concerning you based upon my character. It can be ideal for me. It is my point of view about you. However when I make a post from it and also send it to somebody If I send it to 100 people, and each of those sends it to 5 even more people.And then it simply spread into a nation of a 100-crore people. So my viewpoint regarding you, which implies just one heart ' s perspective 100 Crore individuals review it. Allow us state, my point of view concerning you is that you are an awful person. This is my perspective. That you are not a great person. Suppose I feel you wear ' t do the ideal points and you are constantly incorrect. My viewpoint is that you cheat individuals, you take things. You may have 100 merits in you. Yet I see the incorrect points. So it is simply my perspective. We are not saying whether it is ideal or incorrect. It might be best for me. However it is my perspective. Yet when 1 Lakh people read 1 individual ' s viewpoint It implies 100,000 people soaked up that individual ' s point of view. Whatever I wrote with my perspective that he resembles this or he does that, 100000 people eat this details. Just imagine that my perspective obtained fitted in the minds of 100,000

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individuals. Whether they think it or otherwise believe it, that quality of information has currently come to be a part of all those people who read it.This is not a'tiny thing. What I wrote was impure as well as negative. 100,000 individuals read it. Expect 50,000 people believed it and also 50,000 did not believe it. Also those who refuse to think and also state that it can not be feasible But what quality of info did they take in? If someone else disapproval that individual, they can, subsequently, create much more points negatively about him -that he did this or he stated that. They can simply go on as well as on. So you see the formula? Just how did it all begin? I just created my point of view about one individual. Yet individuals claim it has to do with freedom of expression. Yes people will certainly compose and share it. That will anyway take place. We have no control over them.But we have control over what we must review. We have the option right here. We can not stop other people ' s power. However we have the option-what do I intend to consume? I may think what I review you or I may not think it. However vital is that I ate a negative piece of details. After checking out the entire

thing, I can claim I put on ' t think it. Alright penalty, don ' t believe it. But I have taken in a negative piece of details. So it is depleting my heart power. It is like- expect I eat a samosa. But after eating I say that Samosa is bad for my wellness and also must be avoided.But I ' ve currently eaten it. When have you eaten it, it belongs of my system. Whether I take into consideration that Samosa to be healthy and balanced for my body or unhealthy, it has actually now entered into my body. We are frequently listening and checking out today about politicians, stars, a caste, a religious beliefs or a group. They are all coming to be a component of our character. As the top quality of a majority of the information is not pure, spirits are obtaining

diminished by reading as well as paying attention to it. When we start diminishing due to this, and also tomorrow, if there is a scenario in our own lives, developing a best response for it, will certainly not be feasible for us. Can you clarify this additional? If I maintain eating unhealthy food for a long period of time-maintained consuming incorrect food as well as wrong water and even contaminated air It suggests currently they are all a part of my body.When all these remain in my body, my body ' s immune system goes down. My immunity minimizes. So now also if there is a small variation in the climate or anything else, I will drop ill. Similarly if I feed my mind with not just junk, yet poisonous as well as adverse information A person states adverse about the other individual which individual talks adversely concerning a third individual. This keeps going on. They will proceed doing what they desire. Why are we absorbing it and also making it a part of our personality? Let us please take this message today as well as make it a Mantra of life “I am what I feed my mind.” We need to compose this line and paste it somewhere in our room or our table, get on our phone ' s screen.I am what I feed my mind. Why is our psychological strength reducing? Due to the fact that what are you feeding our mind the entire day? Did we start the day with consuming something pure? The entire day did we reviewed or listen to good details? When we did not also consume that quality of information, just how will soul power increase? When spirit power has not increased how will the mind develop excellent ideas? Where is the resource? We are speaking about changing our sanskars, thoughts, and mindset. Absolutely nothing of this can change till the info we feed ourselves modifications. Today if someone paying attention to this program says that he wishes to become a positive individual If he intends to transform negativity -which does not simply imply disgust or anger.It even means pain, sadness, hurt, envy- all these emotions are unpleasant for the heart. Today if somebody is thinking about releasing himself from these feelings After that the option is with ourselves. It is our very own option. If we begin giving ourselves the ideal psychological diet from tomorrow, as well as not consume tamasic details even momentarily. “Suppose I invest 30 mins in the early morning to read Gyan or anything else which is extremely positive. However remainder of the day if I consume a great deal of various other'top quality of

info It indicates I have both high qualities of information. I need to consume healthy and balanced food. as well as at the exact same time safeguard myself from undesirable food. Required to protect myself from offering junk food to the soul. Even if some information is not adverse however if it is waste, why are we taking it in? A funny or a joke whose flavour is not pure.Why are we eating it? Do we have so much internal power for us to waste it easily? Can we afford to do it today? And after that we say anxiety is all-natural or rage is all-natural. Why is it ending up being all-natural? Due to the fact that the details that time consuming has plenty of these emotions. When we start dealing with our body, we prepare a diet chart of what to eat. We will not mix it with any kind of other quality of food. The other day I satisfied a sibling who is servicing himself to improve his physical wellness. His weight had raised to near 85 or 90 kgs.He satisfied an instructor and the fitness instructor prepared a chart for him. That graph had a diet plan like boiled food in the early morning, Dahlia, healthy protein shake and also so on. In addition to training and health club. When I looked it this boy I said -he has to do with 18 or 19 years of ages and also mosts likely to university, hangs around with good friends, as well as also participates in events. So I asked him exactly how he is mosting likely to stick to this chart. He stated-” If I need to accomplish something, I have to stick to this chart. I have made a decision that in 4 months I require a particular type of physical body. I am mosting likely to adhere to this graph.” And afterwards he took place vacation for 4 days. And as a result of it, he needed to consume odds and ends. He can not stay with that diet regimen chart. He came back and stated to me- “Within simply these 4 days, my effort of 2 months opted for a waste.” It took place in simply an issue of 4 days and also 2 months of effort went for a waste.Which means -we can not manage to take the best diet for lots of days, as well as after that an incorrect diet regimen also for a few days. Required to be cautious and constantly take note. But there are a couple of publications being written nowadays saying you can consume whatever you desire because your body recognizes what it needs. We need to take a seat and ask ourselves -whatever we placed right into the body the body will certainly obtain made of that. Today if I consume 4 items that are Sattvic in nature.And then I eat 2 products that are Tamasic in nature. Will both of them not end up being

a part of my body? Both will end up being. So I ate 4 things that are healthy and balanced as well as 2 that are undesirable. It indicates 4 products were of high energy and also 2 others were of negative power. Now all of them are a part of my body. Same for the heart. Allow us develop a rule for ourselves today as well as repeat it often throughout the day.I am what I feed my mind. I am what I review, watch and hear. This has to go on like a Mantra throughout the day. So we will certainly be straining a lot of details. Thanks so a lot, Sibling. Thanks. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thanks so a lot.

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Your EMOTIONAL DIET: Ep 2 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)