What is The New 5:2 diet (800 cals)?

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Whitehart and I’m the author of The New 5:2 Diet Cookbook. I wanted to tell you all about the 5:2 diet- how to do it and what the new regulations are. The 5:2 nutrition. If you don’t know anything about it … it’sreally really simple. The five days are normal days whatever it is you devour normal healthful meat but don’t count calories. The 2 day are diet periods. With the brand-new rules for the 5:2 food, on yourdiet dates you eat up to 800 calories. You calorie count them and you’re quite careful. But 800 calories means you can have 2 or 3 meals a day and still lose weight. So that’s the basics of the 5:2 diet. There’s got a couple of little extra bits … One is that you want to have a complete fast for 14 hours.So if “youre on” a diet day that might be that you start at 8 p. m. the nightbefore – don’t eat any more after that – and then you can eat from 10 a.m. the next day. With a light breakfast, maybe a little bitof lunch and then a suitable dinner with carbs and everything. And that’s your food daylight done. So you would probably have a diet day. They have to be non consecutive – not next to each other – epoches so you might go for Monday and Wednesday. Monday seems to be a really popular: get onto over with really quickly. Monday and Thursday? Or whatever days of the week you like as long as they’re not next to each other. So that’s it 800 calories 2 days a week with a long fast overnight.Couldn’t be simpler Good luck with your food.

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