Weight LossTips| Diet Plan For FatLoss|Part 2| URDU/HINDI Khadija Abdul Wahab #Weightloss#dietplan

video associate of side 1 occur within description box Khadija Abdul Wahab | Clinical Nutritionist watch video till tip what is crash food and how it acts? 0: 00: 48.017, 1193: 02: 47.295 hurtle food disrupts your metabolism In simple paroles we can say that it is body’s hurried to accept food that we ingest Always follow nutrition plan according to your person requirements No#. 1 Weight due to liquid retention load of muscle mass weight due to to unhealthy fatty Unhealthy overweight loss vs Musscle mass High sodium diet is the main reason behind weight amplification due to water retention side effects of quick weight loss approaches/ short sections Poor sleep, Frustation, Depression, Anxiety, vertigo 30 -3 5ml of liquid per kg form heavines is the basic requirement How to maintain your load on your own CHO, Protein, Fat, Starch, Fiber Snack is very important what to eat in snack Eat complex CHO Avoid simple CHO Breakfast should be high in protein Add cereal portion& Raw vege salads in your lunch Dinner: 200 g chicken b Reast with Yoghurt sauce and Raw vege salads Try to add beans, mint leaves and lemon in your salads Ever know your Portion Size Ideal Protein intake is according to per kg per g of protein Myth about protein uptake Use healthy lubricants

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