The Pescatarian Diet of Kron Gracie, MMA Fighter

more important is the time that I’m having while I’m training in the actual fight you know the fight is just a make upon my discipline was and how I’ll prepare that way so if you put too much pressure on the research results and you have an attachment to the result then you’re always waiting for that instant you don’t enjoy everything that happens up until that time flights gonna happen on that day when the working day comes I’ll get my adrenaline moving but I’m not going to get my adrenaline going today over that let’s commencing from closed lookout today if you open the legs keep going if you get to half guard keep going into a full pass if the guy turns to his knees the guys I hear thunder it turns to his knees keep going until it’s a full pass if he gets both steals then you stop all right if you wipe or refer you stop all right let’s go my appoint is Kron Gracie I was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil I’ve been participating which it’s my whole lifetime teach my entirety live more recently like the past five years I’ve been focusing on MMA Jiu Jitsu is the biggest foundation for defend I think if you don’t know jiu-jitsu it’s gonna have a hard time to get into a real fight with somebody because the fight is most likely going to end up on the floor at some station so I foresee jiu-jitsu is the most valuable martial artist I’ve been teaching introduced my entire animation I wasted a lot of time building this gym spending a lot of time building my jiu-jitsu devote a lot of time building my students good profession people good morning everybody are you guys ready for some apple cider vinegar shots for what if I cannot do this first cures flush out my torso of my plan firstly and then I’ll have like either your liquid or lemon water at least just water for me I like to stay illuminated in the working day and I get my figure just enough of what it needs to get through that workout or through that next theatre fortunately Eggs Benedict right now or the big meal it’s going to slow me down I used to be able to eat anything and depart drill and do anything you know any 20 year old girl is going to be able to eat anything and play-act still I’m going to be 28 so there’s only so long you can fight for if I’m like eating bad meat it’s really putting my figure in danger it’s really putting it in risk I experience to eat health because I experience be enabled train the way I teach able to feel the route I feel and I’m supporting things that are good for the environment good for the world mostly haven’t eaten a year I gobble fish and I don’t need too much dairy I don’t suck milk I don’t eat that much gluten it precisely various kinds of happened gradually you know it made a long time for me to be able to really conclude and not being able to eat meat and still be a professional athlete I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu since mostly before I can retain what is what I once was improving with a little ghee on and a little yellow region I started learning with my father and he learned with his father so we come from a very strong foundation of jiu-jitsu my grandfather was the Jiu Jitsu what Einstein is to mathematics you know he basically took Japanese Jitsu which was based on explosiveness and persuasivenes and started developing his own proficiencies his whole mission was to prove that jiu-jitsu was based on leverage and that a weaker soldier can beat a bigger man within a little of meter he became the one who was the representor and like actually fighting and his brother kind of stepped inside and became the businessman and them together was real compiled the Gracie family one had 21 teenagers the other one had nine adolescents and they just basically made this army of little jiu-jitsu champions biggest martial arts family in the world countries and we’ve been representing for hundred years most people who even watch crusading don’t even know who the Gracie’s are it’s almost lost and your arm trying to make sure that the family name is kept alive[ Music] you we’re in Santa Monica and we’re gonna run six miles to Venice pier and back you really don’t need that much menu like if you’re eating like healthful nutrient with nutrients in big dinners you can keep your energy level way higher have a better fortitude have a better practise have a better everything you know you live longer move faster and think better when you dine a lot of food it makes almost like slow I’ve consume like that very and I devour like this and I’m able to perform way more and do more if I snack less and just see good meat I[ Music] set for triathlons is assisting with fighting against me triathlon and running and biking and swimming is just fun and being out and only doing something different because I’ve been caged up in a gym with a bunch of men training sweating precisely confronting and swiping that it’ll drive you fucking I’ve learned a lot of breathing from my father you know he from a little young age my daddy you always was encouraging me to learn how to breathe and he ever did diaphragm manipulate and did a lot of movement with breathing and as I get older and older and older more difficult situations more mental stress more physical stress all these things start computing up and I kind of started to breathe more and I kind of restarted to notice that it was a big one of the purposes of my life and a big part of my increment and my peacefulnes so I began to be gave more time into it and I’ve created my own like string of things I like to do in ways I like to breathe things that I think are important luckily I drew a a backup protein this is this plant-based protein I certainly enjoyed being like good bulletin you are familiar with tired you are familiar with like II hydrated overworked broken down sore I genuinely experienced those students eyesight makes me feel alive you know this is a bag of play patience gelatin just sugars and salts and potassium additional lightings and stuff like that I try to be in touch with what’s coming in my form what’s going out of my mas if I need vigor how am I going to get it from Piper to awake how am I going to relax I’m just testing all these things out finding out what works for me what’s up and I have a number one piece and yeah yeah we’re going to do it all[ Music] sometimes you don’t have it but today you have it the lentils right here and I’m gonna get the hummus too wherever there thank you this is ginger this is tumeric right and then you want to explain them what this is twelve complex with a little of an alkaline sea the vitamin b1 2 that we use is descended by algae and easy to produce her everywhere she can explain everything so I don’t have to explain I’m not getting much of this right now I actually feel like like this much of this and I can instruct for another like two hours three hours easy by now my priority isn’t ingesting my priority is qualifying so I’m gonna chew what I need precisely to get me through the training after I’m done with all my workouts then I’ll just take time to eat and you gear up and get ready for the next day it’s six o’clock yeah I’m going to go to my house show there for a little and then we’ll proceed from there ah my personal masseuse I necessitate it’s not like an actual rub but it definitely helps makes me feel good like my body knows exactly when ten minutes is up I once know oh so I’m ready to minerals and this helps oxygenate your blood there’s no typical era for me you know every day is a little different I follow my intuition you know what I feel what feels right to me which was my body what feels good to my teaching that isn’t on a schedule except for it at 7 p. m.I got to be at the gym the last few years been various kinds of more concentrates on my MMA I’ve been teaching less and focusing more on my advancement and I have to articulated a lot of time into other things besides you Jitsu so I’ve been working my boxing in my judo kickboxing karate and my overall operation physically mentally and spiritually to reach these strong point in the struggle after train you booze a lot of water and you suck a lot of liquids because I’m dehydrated I’m delusional because I didn’t booze a lot of liquids throughout the day so I’m first trying to get all my liquids in and then once that goes down I can eat[ Music] it’s 10:30 right now it’s pretty early sometimes I simply get out of training like I leave the gym at 11:00 or leave the gym at 12 thank you those are mice got a fight no no I was supposed to fight this month but we got pushed back to September can I have albacore sushi okay chrome prayer hero a sweetened prawn and a baked crab hand move avocado can I have a hug dark-green tea and a Pellegrino yeah I was like humankind I like this roll we’re like a California roll with large-hearted cutlets on top and they’re like but we don’t stir that roster I was like can you make it for me and they’re like yeah and I’ve been coming here since I was like 12 years old so they just started performing it for me and I’ve been trying to come him to throw it on the menu but they just they’re like oh my god I guess I got to prevail a lot more contends when are we gonna get the Kron Gracie wrote on the menu that everybody wants to know only for me I’ll accept it hi it come scoot the road oh no terribly yummy good to get like a little light she she employs a lot of nutrients good protein and just good food if I were to try to eat like a big bowl of pasta or somewhere and I couldn’t do it this is cooked crab with avocado to tell you truth right now I’m I’m already full I’m only eating this cuz I read or do I get pool rapidly my first snack specially if it is close to training this is gonna pass and then I’m gonna get really hungry while you’re going to ask for all those calories that I burned watch I’m still kind of full from all the drinks and all the training I’m still kind of tripping and material this is just for right now and then I’m going to eat at least at least one more time you know but once I’m done with my discipline now I forget about my qualify I try to forget about as much as that possible and I merely hang out with my friends or hang out with myself or do my research or feed nutrient unwind “its time” I get to enjoy the day like actually and I review life is about working hard then likewise getting to enjoy it and appreciate it and looked at and I actually suck it for the following morning early I envisioned matinee Saturday matinee hello campus a getaway seek delight all right well gang it oh yeah can I get a breakfast burrito please with no meat and additional guacamole on the side Kron Carolyn see after training I could just accompany now I’m already like almost normal again until tomorrow morning then I won’t be apartment 11:40 yeah precisely getting home it’s early this is a really day for me so good about it it’s gonna be easier wake up tomorrow but I’ll still be up for at least 3-4 hours now I actually feel hungry before I was just gobbling precisely because it’s time to eat I’m gonna I was hungry more but but not certainly feel more hungry I feel like my body’s asking for what it’s just getting through all that water and all that that I drink I is a well-known fact that if I wanted to if I had to I could probably eat a lot and go work out and improve teach myself to do that but I precisely don’t feel like that’s necessary you know I definitely sounds like I like the space I do my thing[ Music] parties get comfy in whatever they do I get comfortable when I’m in my gym I can be that all my students I’ve taught them everything they are aware and formerly I reach that convenience it’s not the most interesting thing for me because for me to really be able to improve and achieve things that are greater than me I have to leant myself in an disagreeable lieu that’s where I like to be you know so anything that meets me embarrassing there’s going to benefit me from our mental of my physical I’m going to try to do you know I don’t really must be considered the famous what what I used to think it was you are familiar with I used to really want to be known for resist and known to be the best in the world and I still want to be the best because I want to push myself to those limits but if I wasn’t going to push those limits with martial art I would push those limits with other things you know whether it’s like environment for spirituality I still have it in the back of my judgment that I have a bigger purpose and I don’t want to have any miss with myself because I didn’t do what I felt was right and I definitely sounds like what I’m doing is right but I also feel like there’s a lot more to do in a world-wide path so if I can be utilized my battle in my martial arts is assisting achieve still better for the world that’s what I’m doing it for[ Music]

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