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Type 2 Diabetes: Is the Keto Diet Right for Me?

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Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review

– I'' ve seen your demand, I'' ve review your remarks so right here we go, periodic – I am passing away to speak to you about – I consume for 8 hours, and I quickly for


Flexitarian Diet and Intermittent Fasting with Dr. Jennifer Chronis | San Diego Health

( bright music) – Hi, I’m Susan Taylor with Scripps Health in San Diego, Okay, you’re on a missionto lose some heavines and live a longer healthier Have you thought aboutintermittent fasting and the flexitarian nutrition? Joining us…


DOES THE KETO DIET KILL? Doctor Reviews Low Carb Diets and Mortality

Hey guys, I’m Siobhan a second-year medical tenant Today we’re undertaking a super controversial issue and that’s The Keto Diet The question is – is the keto diet actually obligating you live longer? or could it be actually killing you…