SANTA CLARITA DIET Official Trailer (2017) Comedy, Horror, Netflix Series HD

Guess what Kelly told me last night? She and Ben are selling their home. It’s a beautiful dimension, great orientation, new kitchen I think they’ll render us the directory. That’d be great, honey. We can’t be realtors if we don’t have schedules Oh shit. Someone’s coming. Hurry Act casual Our life was amazing, but something happened to my spouse I can’t feel my heartbeat. What? She propelled up this. I didn’t have formaldehyde so I saved it in olive oil That was a crazy amount of ramen Well, I’m not a medical expert It was a huge amount She’s acting different I can cook that for you, sweetie I’m fine Did mom die? She is dead and too undead A zombie? I don’t like that message. I think it’s inherently negative I don’t like it either Then let’s not expend it I do like the acces that I feel I have incessant vigor and I sleep two hours a night.I get so much done You ate beings. I know. It’s just that I’m so much more self-confident. I can parallel park in one move now The undead aren’t fully driven by their it But if I can’t control myself then I gamble everything that matters to me We’re not saying you have to do this alone sweetheart I’m are not going to bail on you now We have to kill someone who deserves it.I guess the prototype would be a young single hitler. God, We’d be heroes Shit! You guys are not great at this. From now on, we fuck everything up together What kind of realtor are you? Residential but commercial on request So my wife’s been on this new diet She feels good, looks excellent, and has all kinds of energy. She is really happy so it’s all great Well, maybe not all huge. You know there’s some stuff going on That’s kind of intense. Like the other day we were at the ballpark And she got hungry And there’s this jerk throwing rock-and-rolls at the ducks If you’ve tried all the other foods and are looking for the one that really toils, then the Santa Clarita diet is for you Lose as much weight as you demand and keep it off forever. No ruses. Really immense arises It’s easy and their own families will desire the brand-new you But no one determined us And you know, the chap was being a dick to the ducks. The Santa Clarita diet, it’s great Get the first month free

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