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Hello there as well as invite back to my channel men I am Dr. Shikha Guys I have actually got a great deal of demand I have got a great deal of remarks That most of you desired diet regimen plan of Ramadan So today on your request I have acquired for you Ramadan diet regimen plan Much of you by using my diet regimen strategy Are doing excellent weight-loss You all additionally comment and inform me I get numerous photos You all send me a great deal of pictures on my mail likewise And also you inform me just how outstanding weight-loss you have done By utilizing my diet regimen plan As well as you desire That at the time of Ramadan additionally You intend to slim down in a similar way Your weight should not get So specifically for you I have functioned hard as well as I have made this diet plan fo you So first all we will certainly speak regarding The fasting Any kind of type of quick Or any type of kind of fasting If you are doing Then it is excellent for you overall health You feel really healthy and balanced after observing the fast You feel rejuvenated You feel energised Your body gets cleaned up internally It gets detoxification So first off fasting is extremely healthy and balanced However you need to take care concerning lots of things At the time of not eating To start with, fasting does not indicate That you do overindulging When it'' s your time to eat If you will do overindulging at that time After that it is never helpful for overall health And also weight management Second thing Which you need to take care around is That you have to complete your 8 hrs sleep while fasting You need to take proper rest As well as the continuing to be day You maintain on your own energetic Go on strolling Do regular family work Do your typical regular Continue following all those things Ramadan quickly Is of around 16-17 hours As well as in that you don'' t also need to consume alcohol water So you have to be very careful That if you will certainly eat really salted, deep-fried points Or things with fat Than you will really feel extremely dehydrated And after that it will be very tough To remain thirsty To make sure that'' s why You put on ' t take excessive salt Things with fat or fried things in your diet regimen Actually we will consist of such points In you diet plan Which will maintain you moisturized It will certainly maintain you energetic As well as together with that it will certainly Give you really incredible weight-loss So in ramadan diet strategy also You have to bear in mind all that points That I always inform you You need to most definitely take 8 hours of sleep You have to inspect your weight daily So that whatever you are eating in the entire day Following day when you inspect the weight after that you need to Familiarize That what was the point As a result of which you have put on weight When it'' s your time to consume After that at that time drink a whole lot of water Because your rapid Is of 16-17 hours In which you wear'' t have to drink also water So you need to not have dehydration You maintain yourself well hydrated You ought to certainly consist of salad in your diet plan Whenever you consume After that you must include salad Because when you will consume alcohol much less water Then there are possibilities that you will have constipation So we will definitely include salad as well as fruit in our diet regimen So we will speak about ramadan diet regimen strategy Our diet plan will certainly be very nourishing It will certainly maintain us well moisturized for the entire day It will certainly keep us energetic Still it will give us amazing weight loss Firstly we will talk regarding Sehri In between 4-5 in the morning Firstly you have to take your early morning beverage And also our morning will certainly be such that It will keep us well hydrated whole day Because around 16-17 hours We wear'' t have to consume water So our morning drink will be basil seed lemon water Exactly how we have to make it Enter into my kitchen I will show you To make basil seed lemon water First of all we will certainly include 1 spoon Basil seeds or sabja seeds in a glass These are basil seeds I will put it into the glass And also we will certainly soak it into the water So over right here I will fill up the glass with water We will certainly load the entire glass Currently we will maintain it for 10 minutes Around 10 mins more than And our basil seeds have inflamed effectively They have saturated all the water You can see they are entirely puffy Now I will certainly squeeze fifty percent lemon into it I am adding this fifty percent lemon That'' s it Currently we will mix it Our basil seed lemon water is prepared Very early morning when you drink basil seed lemon water Then the basil seeds in this Since they soak all the water It will enter into your body And also it will certainly maintain you moisturized the entire day As well as the lemon which we have actually included into this When you consume it in the morning Then it will certainly detox your body So this is the most effective summer beverage You ought to most definitely try this So this was our basil seed lemon water early morning beverage You need to definitely include this in your diet regimen Do not avoid in all Since the basil seed Means sabja seed When we add them into the water After that they take in the water entirely In to themselves And also they obtain inflamed So if you have this in the early morning as morning drink Then it will maintain you well moisturized for the entire day And also it will not let you be dried out So you should absolutely have this in your morning beverage A lot of my customers Who endure of India Basil seeds means sabja seeds Are not readily available in their nation So any place you live Over there likewise if basil seeds are not offered After that instead of that you can additionally make use of chia seeds So you make this exact same beverage with chia seeds But chia seeds spend some time to be swollen up So we have to saturate them for around 4-5 hours Where as basil seeds which suggests sabja seeds Obtains puffy quite possibly in around 10 minutes So you make sure about this thing Afterwards you have to take 1 banana And 5 badam which suggests almonds If you wear'' t wish to take almonds After that you can take 2 walnuts Which indicates akhrot Or you can take 5 kismis Which indicates raisins Yet you have take any 1 from these 3 With 1 banana After that we will certainly speak about our breakfast Which will certainly play a very essential duty In your fast You keep it is a very hefty meal Because in the early morning when you will certainly be Full quite possibly Then you will certainly not feel very hungry the entire day And this will certainly maintain you energised entire day It won'' t allow your energy drop So in morning meal I have gotten for you 7 options Due to the fact that you have to do not eating for whole month So you ought to have several choices Which you can alter and also consume As well as you do not obtain bored whatsoever And these all are very tasty So the initial alternative which I am offering you Is chicken pulao How we have to make it Come into my kitchen I will certainly show you To start with I am taking control of here half mug wild rice I am adding water in this As well as will soak it in the water for 15-20 mins Now I have actually taken a frying pan in which I am including desi ghee I am adding some jeera which indicates cumin seeds I am including bay leaf which means tej patta I am adding cinnamon which indicates dal chini I adding star anise Which implies phool chakri I am including cloves Which means laung I am including elaichi which suggests cardamom Black peppercorns which suggests kali mirch I will certainly saute them a bit We will cook this on a really slow fire To make sure that they wear'' t get burnt I am taking onions over here As well as I have actually cutted them in rings We will certainly saute this also a bit When they will be light brownish I am including ginger garlic paste over right here Bit of dhaniya( coriander) powder Some garam masala Some salt Black pepper powder We will certainly mix this properly Over here I have taken boneless hen bust Around 50 grams And I have cutted right into thin slices After cleaning it We will blend them and saute Around 5-10 minutes we will cook it on tool flame Now our hen is prepared Currently we will add rice right into this Our rice have actually soaked effectively We will blend every little thing correctly Currently I am taking water We had taken half cup rice So I will certainly take 1 cup water We will blend everything effectively And we will cover it with the cover as well as let it chef For around 15-20 mins I will certainly require to obtain prepared And also our rice will be prepared Now 15-20 minutes are over We will certainly eliminate the lid Definitely amazing It'' s scent is really incredible And also our pulao is prepared To offer I am offering this in a plate So people this was our poultry pulao They are very delicious and also tasty You can have 1 full dish In your breakfast We have actually made use of wild rice in this Which are high in fiber It will certainly maintain you complete for a longer time It will not let you really feel starving very soon It will keep you satiated And it absorbs gradually in your body It creates glucose slowly in your body It generates power As a result of which You will certainly be energetic for the whole day As well as in this we have made use of poultry bust Which is a lean protein Which does not offer you weight gain at all And also it will certainly keep you full for really lengthy duration of time It will certainly maintain you satiated And also it will additionally fulfill your healthy protein requirement If you put on'' t intend to take brownish rice After that you can take chicken sandwich There is a recipe of poultry sandwich on my network It is extremely tasty Believe me You can have it You can make use of 2-4 multigrain bread pieces in this And you can very conveniently take it in your breakfast If you put on'' t wish to take this After that you can take There is a dish of egg sandwich on my network You can go and watch this You can take this Or you can have 7 sandwiches Recipe exists on my network From this you can take any type of sandwich which you like You can alter it and also have it your morning meal Or you can take oats paratha On my network there is oats paratha recipe You can use this It is really tasty and delicious Oats is also a fantastic source of healthy protein And also it keeps you full a really long duration of time Due to the fact that it is also a complex carb And also it absorbs slowly in your body It generates glucose slowly As well as it gives you power for rather long period of time As well as it keeps you complete If you don'' t intend to take oats paratha Then there is this 10 oats recipe on my network You can have any oats recipe from this Whichever you like You can utilize it your breakfast If you put on'' t wish to take this after that You can have any 1 paratha From this 7 paratha dish of mine You can take any type of 1 paratha You can conveniently have 1-2 paratha Keeping that you can have 1 dish veggie And with all the alternatives that I have actually given you You must consume one little bowl of curd You need to certainly eat curd It is great probiotic And also in fast when you are hungry for a long period of time After that during that time A great deal of acid is produced in your body at that time So some people additionally start having the trouble of level of acidity So it will heal that level of acidity And it will manage it So you need to consist of 1 dish curd in your breakfast And also in addition to that you must consist of 1 plate salad 1 quarter plate salad Or 1 bowl salad You need to most definitely include your dish Since the water consumption in whole day Is extremely less So because of that you Might have constipation That'' s why You need to certainly include salad In your morning meal After that we will certainly speak about Iftar Around 7 o'' clock when you open your quick During that time you will certainly open your rapid With 1-2 days You will certainly have 1-2 dates Together with that you will certainly have coconut water If coconut water is not easily readily available After that you can have basil seed lemon water Which I had actually given you in morning drink Due to the fact that it will certainly maintain you well moisturized But if coconut water is available Then you can have that additionally Since it really rich in mineral As well as whatever electrolytes are shed in whole day It renews that So either you will certainly have coconut water Or you will certainly have basil seed lemon water Full 1 glass Afterwards You ought to not have a hefty dish Because when you are starving for the entire day If you will certainly have a heavy dish instantly Then you will certainly really feel puffed up You will really feel reduced in energy First of all we will certainly have 1 complete fruit dish Whichever fruit you like You can have that fruit You will certainly have 1 complete dish If you don'' t intend to take fruit bowl After that you will certainly have chicken soup There is a dish of this poultry soup on my network You can go and enjoy this You take hen soup Or you container have fruit dish Afterwards we will certainly chat concerning our dinner Which will certainly be between 8:30 -9 Do not have your supper really late Otherwise it is hard to absorb And it will certainly also offer you weight gain Our dinner likewise will be rather hefty Yet we will have less material of carbohydrates in it As well as we will have even more content of healthy protein Which will certainly give you outstanding weight loss In supper likewise I have actually purchased 7 alternatives for you Which help you the entire month As well as you can transform it as well as have it You will certainly not be burnt out Initial option which I am providing you for supper That is our grilled poultry Just how you have to make it Enter my kitchen area I will certainly inform you To make grilled hen I have actually taken hen breast fillet Boneless I have actually washed this properly It is around 150 grams Now we will certainly marinate this Firstly I am including some salt in this Red chilli powder This is garlic powder If you put on'' t have after that you can also include garlic in this This is peri peri powder I am including some ginger garlic paste Bit of lemon juice Currently we will massage all those points correctly on the poultry We will certainly layer it And we will certainly leave it to marinate For around 15 minutes to half a hr Currently I have actually taken a pan over right here Our flame is high And also I will use some oil on the pan As well as our poultry is marinated If you put on'' t have grill frying pan After that you can cook it on normal frying pan Extremely conveniently Currently I have actually spreaded all the chicken items And I will certainly likewise place the marinate on it Over below the gas fire is full And also we have cooked from one side for 1 min Only for 1 min And we will transform this On an additional side Currently we will certainly keep the gas flame reduced to tool As well as we will cover the frying pan with a lid And we will let the poultry obtain cooked For near concerning 8-10 mins On absolutely low to medium flame In between we can check this That the hen is burning or not Currently around 10 minutes are over We will inspect Chicken is prepared extremely well from opposite side also Now I am turning this And we will prepare it from various other side for 1-2 minutes Now we will certainly see See it is prepared extremely well From other side likewise Our hen is prepared to serve Now we will offer it This is extremely amazing as well as scrumptious hen You must definitely try this I am reducing this into items You can have this around 150 grams Now I will saute some veggies likewise I have actually taken the exact same frying pan I have added some oil As well as over here I am taking capsicum As well as some onions We will certainly saute them a bit On the frying pan Whenever you are eating poultry Together with that include some veggies likewise So this is an amazing full dish Our veggies are sauteed We will serve them likewise This is protein abundant If you are non-vegetarian after that It is fantastic meal alternative for you You should certainly attempt this So individuals this was our grilled poultry recipe It is extremely tasty as well as tasty It will maintain you complete up to very lengthy time It will certainly maintain you satiated And you will certainly not feel starving for very long time After consuming this It is really tasty You must absolutely attempt this You have to be very cautious concerning one thing That when you are making grilled hen After that you must always hen breast only As well as you ought to make use of around 100-150 grams only You must not eat a great deal of amount Or you need to not make use of leg item or upper leg item Due to the fact that it is high in fat So the poultry breast is Lean protein If you will utilize it after that It will certainly not offer you weight gain It will certainly offer you excellent weight reduction If you wear'' t wish to eat this after that You can make grilled fish with the very same dish You can consume that likewise In your dinner Or you can eat chicken tikka It is extremely delicious There is the recipe on my network You can utilize it It is very tasty Because additionally you make sure that You use hen breast just You can use around 100-150 grams hen bust And you need to cook it with very much less oil You don'' t have to make it really oily Spices also ought to be very little Use much less salt You can utilize this If you don'' t intend to eat this after that You can make fish with exact same dish You can make fish tikka Utilize the exact same recipe As well as you can make fish tikka If you don'' t want to take this likewise After that you can have this 3 egg, recipe gets on my channel This is likewise high in healthy protein You can utilize this in your dinner There are 3 kinds of dish You can transform it as well as utilize it In your supper If you put on'' t want to take this then You can have poultry sandwich If you are very hungry Then you can have poultry sandwich with 2 bread slices The recipe is on my channel You can have it Or you can have multi-grain roti You can drop in the dish on my channel This will certainly likewise maintain you complete for a longer time So if your a little bit a lot more starving After that you can have sandwich or roti However if you are very little starving Then I will encourage you To consist of simply protein in your supper Like poultry Or fish or egg whites You use it However if you are starving Then you can have sandwich or multigrain roti You can have full dish of veggies with it And be really mindful That in supper additionally you need to Most definitely include salad So either a quarter plate or a bowl salad You must absolutely make use of in your diet It will certainly not let constipation occur And also it is fiber abundant It cleans your system Time to time After that we will certainly discuss Night beverage In evening beverage I am offering you half cup milk You must certainly include this in your diet plan It will maintain you energised for a long time It will certainly maintain you complete And also it will not allow weakness come with all You can either make use of ordinary milk Or you can view this turmeric milk dish on my channel You can use this also You take this fifty percent mug However you will not include sugar in it And also the milk should me reduced fat or skim milk So this is your evening beverage In addition to that you need to be really cautious That whenever you will consuming Along with that you need to consume water Due to the fact that if you will certainly not drink water then You can be dehydrated So you ought to maintain the water material additionally really good As well as after that You sleep on time Because it is extremely important to finish your rest It is extremely required for you to take appropriate remainder And also you need to absolutely complete 8 hrs copulate this diet plan So people I hope This diet regimen plan is very valuable for you all It will certainly give you fantastic weight reduction And it will maintain you well hydrated for the entire day It will maintain you energised So you ought to certainly follow this And also tell me That which sort of outcomes you have got from this If you liked my today'' s video clip If you located this valuable After that absolutely give it a thumbs up Simulate it Share it with your friends as well as family members Which will assist them also That are observing fast It will be easy for them To observe quick And in addition to that they will certainly be able to lose their weight As well as they will certainly give you a lot of true blessings If you get on instagram Then definitely follow me over there This is my instagram id If still you have actually not subscribed my network Then rapidly subscribe What are you waiting for Due to the fact that I continue bringing such incredible diet regimen plan for you As well as I keep bringing fantastic dishes Which provides you fantastic weight-loss So I will certainly satisfy you in my following video clip Till then stay tuned to my channel Men, bye in the meantime

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