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One of the most holy month of the year in Islam when fasting is done around the world and also that also for the entire day, don’t understand where a lot energy so much strength comes that without consuming throughout the day for the entire month Roza in done in an extremely great method. Invite back to my network guys I am Dr. Shikha and also today I have actually brought for you all weight reduction diet prepare for Ramadan, although with out the year we do great however the case of the month of Ramadan is various. and to keep our body healthy as well as recovery our body what else can be better, and also share my diet plan with others as well as share my video with others since if you share this video clip with others after that their body will certainly end up being fit, will get recovered as well as become healthy, they will certainly obtain help as well as what can be a much better work than this, last year during the month of Ramadan when I showed you Ramadan diet regimen strategy you all had revealed wonderful love, involving my video clips taking time out from your hectic schedule you have actually made so charming comments thanks for all those comments thanks a lot.And using that diet regimen strategy and also following that you all have done excellent weight reduction as well as you all have actually shared that with me for that reason I have again brought for you Ramadan diet plan to make sure that after using it this time likewise you can do weight loss and make your body healthy and fit in this diet strategy I will share with you wonderful recipes which will assist you in keeping fit and maintain your body healthy and balanced as well as will provide you impressive fat burning so if you are new to my channel after that promptly subscribe my channel due to the fact that my youtube household is gotten in touch with my network from a long period of time as well as is really happy since they are doing really amazing weight management as well as making body extremely healthy and also healthy alongwith that they are likewise keeping their Ramadan fasting, so promptly subscribe my channel to ensure that you do not miss out on something, doing fasting of any type of kind or maintaining roza is very beneficial for our body this detoxification our body from inside and heals our body, so if you do fasting of any kind then its helpful for you however you need to maintain in mind some points likewise, like throughout roza you need to not eat also much fried, heavy or salted points since if you will eat these things after that you will certainly feel parched and also will certainly deal with laziness throughout the day and you will certainly have gas bloating as well as acidity trouble, so whatever you consume need to have much less seasonings it should not be fried, salt needs to be less and eat light points attempt to have 8 hours of sleep and attempt to rest 7 to 8 hours in a day since if your body will get proper remainder you can maintain fasting in a better means and you will not have weak point attempt that in the home window you are consuming or consuming you must consume an increasing number of water, take in as much water as much you can try to take 3 to 3.5 ltrs of water, attempt doing your everyday job typically and it must not be like that you are sitting or taking remainder for whole day, do your regular work normally and attempt to keep yourself active throughout the day so these are some suggestions which will certainly assist you most in addition to diet regimen strategy so let’s start diet strategy of Ramadan so with diet regimen plan very first thing you should take is early morning beverage if you take early morning drink after rising you will certainly remain well hydrated for the whole day as well as your morning will certainly come to be extra fresh the early morning drink I am giving you with diet regimen strategy is basil seed lemon water just how to make it, involved my cooking area, I will inform you.I am making chia seed lemon water right here I have actually taken 1 tbsp chia seeds I will certainly saturate it in water but we need to saturate it overnight at the very least 4 hrs as a result I will soak it in the evening now I am including water

, currently blend it extremely well, we will maintain it to saturate, 4 hrs to over night it will certainly soak extremely well and will get swollen, and also soak water currently these are chia seed I had saturated over night as well as they have actually soaked up whole water, puffy quite possibly it is having gel like uniformity, chia seed are extremely insoluble fiber which protects against bowel irregularity enhances our digestion, are healthy protein abundant, iron rich there are a great deal of minerals in it, it is high in omega 3 as well as fats it is protein rich, in this I am including a little amount of lemon around half lemon it is, currently we will certainly include some more water load the glass currently our healthy protein rich beverage is prepared which has lots of fiber, filled with anti-oxidants which will certainly protect against constipation when we consume it we will remain hydrated throughout the day as it is fiber abundant as well as healthy protein abundant it will certainly give us incredible weight loss we will not really feel hungry for long period of time keep us complete for lengthy time.So this is chia seed lemon water it is significantly amazing early morning beverage specially with this diet strategy since right here you don’t need to consume water the entire day, when we saturate chia seeds in water they saturate all the water and also they obtain puffy and after that they launch water in your body so you stay well moisturized the whole day, you do not really feel much thirsty so this is the very best early morning drink with this diet plan so you must take this and the pectin fiber in lemon maintains you fatiated and also complete for whole day So that you do not really feel starving and you don’t have way too much food cravings, so today beverage is very best with this diet strategy. You need to take this as quickly as you get up as well as after that you need to take any one fruit right here I will recommend you 1 apple and also 6– 7 nuts you need to bring keeping that, this you should take. If you take fruit in the early morning it will maintain you energetic for whole day and also fruit is likewise nourishing because it has numerous vitamins after this we will speak about sehri, for sehri I am giving you hen sandwich it is an impressive resource of protein try to add healthy protein in your diet plan throughout this moment, this is yummy and will keep you complete for a long time as well as you will certainly not feel starving for a long time, so firstly let’s most likely to my cooking area and also see just how I make my poultry sandwich.To make chicken sandwich initially we will certainly prepare our hung curd we take one pressure on that particular we put one cotton towel we will take some curd I will connect it extremely well in a cotton fabric, I will press it and also remove all its water and afterwards I will certainly allow it on the strain for

15 to 30 minutes in the mean while I have positioned a frying pan on the gas I am putting 1 tsp oil I have actually taken sliced up onion we will certainly saute it a little tiny quantity of cut green chilli we have taken we will saute both this points to make sure that onions transforms minor brownish currently I am adding a little salt percentage of black pepper powder I am including right here poultry masala if you do not have after that you can use garam masala from your residence, here I have taken poultry breast boneless this is around 100 grams hen breast I have made little pieces cleaned it currently I will place it in the pan and blend it properly with onion and masala we need to cook it around 10 mins at slow-moving to tool fire our chicken will certainly be prepared really well all seasonings will certainly likewise get cooked, currently this poultry is practically cooked we will certainly take it in a bowl as well as enable it to cool in the meanwhile we will certainly see what is the condition of curd, our put up curd is all set currently, water is ejected, It has currently become thick mayo we have a healthy and balanced mayonnaise, that we will blend with hen there is no requirement of any kind of mayonnaise or any type of sauce, you attempt it you will be delighted by this hen sandwich. Currently I have taken bread slices I have made this in the house you can see its dish on my network currently right stuff we have made from poultry as well as curd we will position in between slices and that’s it our poultry sandwich is ready prepared to go guys this is really incredible sandwich you should attempt this, you may have not consumed this type of sandwich without a doubt and this is extremely filling, scrumptious, scrumptious after consuming this you will not feel desire for any kind of convenience food, that is 200 %warranty from me you will fail to remember any sandwich of dining establishment. So this was our delicious chicken sandwich this will keep you complete for lengthy it is healthy protein rich as well as keep fatiated it is very delicious as well as is amazing for fat burning you can take this it is ideal alternative for sehri time.But we do not desire to take poultry sandwich early morning or we are tired eating it and if you desire some even more choices after that there are 10 sandwich dishes on my channel which can be made promptly all of these are extremely yummy you can take any sandwich from here and also you can consume at the moment of your sehri. If we do not desire to eat sandwich we are rice eater we like rice most then no problem there is poultry pulao dish on my network

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you can take this at your sehri time you can consume this it will also keep you full for very long time it is yummy and also will provide you incredible weight loss.We don’t desire to consume rice we wish to eat roti, paratha, so I have alternative of roti paratha additionally on my network there are 7 video clips of roti, paratha you can take any paratha at time of your sehri you can conveniently take 1 or 2 paratha if you don’t wish to take this you like eggs then there is oat egg omelette recipe on my network it is very incredible for weight management you will locate it extremely delicious and can be made rapidly so you can take this for sehri if you don’t intend to take this after that there is 10 oats recipe on my channel you can take any type of dish for your sehri time these are additionally quick and also delicious recipes and will keep you full for long due to the fact that oats are high fiber and also high in protein if you don’t wish to take this after that a basic multi grain roti with any kind of veggie, chutney, or dahi raita you can take at your sehri time and also try to consist of dahi or raita currently with your sehri due to the fact that dahi as well as raita benefits our digestive tract health due to the fact that curd is great professional organic it will stop acidity and also will maintain you cool throughout the day so you can include it currently and also if you have habit of tea or coffee then you can take that likewise yet attempt that you don’t add sugar because after this we speak about iftaar when you will open your roza then you should attempt to take such point which can moisten you due to the fact that entire day you have not eaten water or any type of liquid at this time you have to take 2 dates alongwith that you have to take fresh coconut water but if can not have coconut water conveniently at your location after that not a problem the chia seed lemon water which I have informed you the exact same chia seed lemon water you can take during iftaar also this will hydrate you extremely well as I have informed you chia seed soaks water and also keep releasing water gradually in your body so it is good drink for iftaar, so you have opened up fast currently you are feeling really starving so you should not take heavy dish at this time, initially you should take light things slowly take such things which revitalize you and also are not heavy for your body currently you take one bowl packed with fruits you should add mix fruits of your option you can additionally sprinkle some chat masala over it you can also add some salt.So you have to take mix fruit conversation at that time if you do not desire to take fruits you don’t such as to take fruits you want to take something hot after that you can take soup there are 10 dishes of soups on my network you can take any kind of one soup currently so it will moisten you right now as well as will offer you high power and also is really light so initially we will take something light after that we will take heavy meal so you can take any kind of soup from here so you can take any kind of one point from these 2 after that we will take our dinner.In supper I am offering you poultry tikka just how to make it? featured me in my cooking area, I will certainly inform I will certainly inform you to make chicken tikka I have taken 150 grams boneless chicken breast, I have washed it as well as reduce in large items, for hen tikka we do 2 marination currently we will do our very first marination we will include little salt, I am including lemon juice here, I will certainly include little ginger garlic paste we will blend it effectively we will coat everything on hen extremely well then we will certainly keep in side for half a hr, now we will certainly do preparation for our second marination I have actually taken 1 bowl I am taking 1 tsp mustard oil, including a little salt percentage of kashmiri red chilli powder, little garam masala, a little kasuri methi dry fenugreek seeds, as well as I am adding 1 table spoon besan, small amount of hung curd little amount of lemon juice we will mix all these points we will make a smooth paste, our second marinate is all set currently we will certainly include poultry which we have maintained seasoned as well as we will coat this chicken with this marination quite possibly, will certainly mix well we will leave this for 1 hr after marinading or we can keep it overnight in fridge likewise currently after 1 hr I have taken a frying pan this is grilled pan you can take normal tawa, on it I am putting extremely little 1 spoon oil and also this are hen pieces we will certainly put it on barbequed frying pan, flame is on high Currently its around 1 min it is being prepared we will turn it, gas know high flame chicken is not prepared from inside it is cooked from outdoors just, when we have actually transformed all the poultry we will certainly keep fire on low will maintain fire on reduced to ensure that hen is cooked extremely well from inside after that we will prepare it for around 15 to 20 mins we have actually transformed the flame at reduced now its 15 mins hen is currently prepared from inside it is prepared to be offered, now we will certainly offer it.If you prepare hen like this then it will be cooked soft it will not become hard, let’s serve this, together with it onion and eco-friendly chutney made in the house from coriander and also mint I will serve along with that You can also press lemon on it, this will certainly boost its preference and this is our coriander mint chutney appearance at this men isn’t it mouth watering and also the very best part is it is superb for weight-loss. Look at this it is so gorgeous, alluring it is extremely really scrumptious you should try making it and you will like it guaranteed.So this is our tasty poultry tikka in this you have to use 200 grams hen breast, so it would offer you impressive fat burning as well as it is extremely delicious and will certainly maintain you full for lengthy time. If you don’t intend to take this grilled poultry on my network you can go as well as enjoy that also it is really much tasty a lot of my customers eat it as well as they say that it is very delicious so you can take this, if you don’t wish to take this after that there is dish of chicken salad in my channel you can take that likewise. if you eat fish after that you can use all these dishes changing hen with fish as well as take it, you can do this additionally or if you like to consume eggs there are 3 dishes of eggs on my channel which is extremely tasty and also will certainly keep you complete for lengthy time and also is an excellent resource of healthy protein you can take any of these eggs recipes.If you are vegetarian do not eat non veg then there are 7 dishes of roti paratha on my network you can take any of these roti parattha along with that you can take a big dish veggie if you want to eat daal you can take that additionally. If you wish to eat rice for that likewise there are choices on my network you can take pulao or there is a dish of weight management brownish rice on my channel, so you can any of these 2 recipes in your supper conveniently, try to consist of 1 large dish of salad because if you consist of salad this moment and also at the time of sehri you will certainly not have irregular bowel movements trouble as whole day our consumption of water is extremely low so if we include salad in our diet plan then bowel irregularity problem will not

develop and also body will be well moisturized and also in these veggies there are several impressive vitamins and also antioxidants so you must include it in this time so this is our supper which we need to do protein rich maintain seasonings reduced it need to not be fried and salt likewise ought to be less.So if you do supper in this manner then you will certainly feel energetic throughout the day significantly energetic and you will certainly not have acidity bloating issue as well as you will likewise not have constipation trouble. So if you keep your roza in this method after that you will really feel really fit and you will have extremely excellent weight loss Hereafter allows discuss evening consume time after dinner attempt to take half mug turmeric milk exactly how to make turmeric milk? Pertain to my kitchen area I will inform you, To start with we have to take 1 frying pan I will include 1 mug milk in the pan this is toned milk or you can take skimmed milk we need to avoid full fat milk currently I am including fifty percent cup water currently I will add one fourth teaspoon turmeric powder we don’t have to add way too much turmeric extract to it due to the fact that it is hot naturally now I am including cardamom I am including 2 cardamom currently I have actually taken 2 cloves currently I am adding little cinnamon sticks currently I am including fennel seeds now I will certainly add 2 to 3 strands of saffron now I will certainly include black pepper powder this is very necessary since it will certainly aid to soak up turmeric in our body currently we will certainly mix all these things effectively as well as enable it to boil now the milk has actually boiled now we will serve it.So we have actually offered our gold milk or turmeric milk just how much lovely colour it is having it is that much healthy additionally and also it is remarkable for weight reduction additionally you can take it in your breakfast, lunch or supper, it will give you weight management and several health benefits. So guys this was our turmeric milk milk it gets prepared very quickly in 2 mins after drinking it you will have very great sleep as well as your body will certainly be unwinded and also revitalize so you include it as your night drink in your diet and if you follow full diet regimen plan similar to this then you will certainly see that during Ramadan likewise you will certainly have excellent weight loss as well as you will really feel very energetic you will not really feel reduced in power there will certainly not be any weakness as well as you will certainly stay active throughout the day as well as you can keep your roza nicely.So men if you discover today’s diet plan and video clip valuable and useful then similar to this and also share this with your friends as well as family that require this and who can use this. If you get on Instagram

then you must follow me there if you have actually not subscribed my network after that subscribe it promptly since I keep sharing this type of diet plan which are very beneficial for you as well as offer fantastic fat burning and also are beneficial for your health I bring for you remarkable dishes which boosts your health and wellness and also provides you weight management so allows meet you in my next video till after that stay tuned to my channel individuals, bye.

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