[Preview] A low-carb diet for T2D reversal – Dr. Sarah Hallberg

So our primary upshots were mas weightmetabolic illnes criteria which again is what we’re going to bereporting on in our pre-diabetes paper and character 2 diabetes status. So here it is, two years. What happened? We sustained the results. We sustained the results. I imply this is very exciting. So we made type 2 diabetes andwe were able to keep beings in reversal. We moved from 60% at two years to 54%. Over half of the people in the trialmaintaining diabetes change. That’s huge. Precisely for one momentimagine that was a drug. Right? Do we need another pharmaceutical? Come on, we need food, we need proper food. It succeeds. And the remedy reductions … They are staying incredibly robust. So these are people who are maintaininga lower A1c and still remaining off pharmaceuticals. And I’ve got to tell yousomething most exciting, and that is in the last six months … so this is three yearsafter these people started, I have made three people who havea diabetes period of 15 to 20 years off insulin. Three times ..

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