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Scientific do that Hello audience, the topic we are going to discuss today is diet and dieting in maternity, many questions, we query this question that mam is pregnant, what should I gobble, what should I not munch, I do not understand anything, my family members are different from me. I contribute adversity from you that it is necessary to eat this, the child inside you will not protest and likewise live in a lot of anxiety and I have is evident that in countless houses there is a lot of conflict for this thing, the family members forbid it, don’t eat it.It is hot, it is cold and the maidens are very sad and tell us that in this, explain to the family that I like to eat this menu, so I thought that but let’s make a video in detail, one that is hot and The fundamental of freezing is unscientific, necessitates discipline does not accept it in a way, and the hot this mango is hot and the almonds that are hot like this, but if they are put in those spray and their scalp is removed, then it will be cold. It is known that all these things are beyond our understanding of what we study, so who we are, cases have a different vogue. Let me ask about the diet, the first thing is that what is pregnancy, part it into three parts of three months, first semester, second semester, penetrate tomato, so instead of filling the belly of some people in the first trimester, it gets shortened. There is nothing to worry about and there is no need to realise some drastic dietary the progression of the first the three months, so some cases come to us very excitedly after that meeting, you will find it very romantic, if we have a bad situation then it is the same.There is a convene, due to which the weight of some patients is reduced, they should treat the rally wisely and any person who is takes the traditional wording has to eat roti in the morning, have three or four roti in the afternoon, have to eat roti at night if someone comment in that time. Not able to eat food, there is no harm in it, you can eat what you do, you have to fulfill your entirety day’s stipend requirement, do not forcefully push that now the dough is procreated, then you have to eat it even if the heart is not doing it. So there are patients who have more problem of Vomiting because they are some If you snacked meat in a conventional mode under pressure to a certain extent, then in the first three months, our advice is that in the first the three months, the requirement of salary does not increase so much, you can eat as much as you can before you can eat what suits you.You are not even ingesting roti and if you are taking fruit salad juicer water and such things, then what is your pregnancy which is the meeting going on, if once the kilo weight increases then it is ok even if it does not increase a little bit less Even if it is, there is no problem in it, musically there should not be depression in the first the three months, the amount of water that is there will go well in the body and after that in the second and third semester, the requirement of calcium iron ore gallery increases. If so, the extra requirement increases up to 300 kilo calories, in the second semester, third semester, according to that, there is hunger in the depots accordingly, implying the ladies who are not able to eat properly in the first 3 months, they also feel hungry and that You are able to improve what you have and what you have , now there are some things who the hell is taboo which are not. I should eat first is coffee, we are unwilling to suck coffee, we say that if you booze exclusively one cup throughout the day, then it is okay to gift then very good any thing that has the contact of caffeine in it, it should not be eaten and non-veg and then Whatever it is, then we say that you should not eat preferentially because there is contamination in freshwater fish these days and whatever you eat non-veg should be well sourced, there should not be any kind of hormones in it that apart from that we should drink two to three liters of water.We give suggestions that it is necessary to booze more water by clean drinking water, what is there, you keep moving and “whats in” it and there is no problem of tuition, apart from that we talk to increase the quantity of milk, 1 liter of milk contains 1 gram of calcium and 1 Gram itself is the requirement of tension, so those dames who can’t have 1 liter of milk in their nutrition, even though they are they do n’t chew calcium tablets, some cases don’t like calcium tablets, they are fatty, they are not seen, then we are the same.Would like to say that what is the child’s A’s is increasingly becoming, but with your time the bones become weak. There is a possibility that calcium tablets must be taken during pregnancy, apart from that, we likewise say that there is a requirement of iron that there is a requirement of iron, iron tablets must be eaten and such things should be eaten in the food, in this we feel that the contacts of the end come to him. Apart from this, many questions are asked that we drink liquid, we talked, do not present liquor, you come to the roots because return repeats itself, it is beneficial in experience, it is not stimulate motivating, address that we do not give advice, but those who do more artillery, they are constipated.If the problem holds going on and on, then liquid and judgement does not cause the problem of a understanding, apart from this, according to the fund of warm and cold, many cases ask questions about baked results whether we are pregnant during pregnancy. You can eat cool return during pregnancy, you can eat dry fruit, but anything is fried, oily, outside is cool fruit, there are some things that I have more contact with the gallery, that we say that you get calmnes, whatever you have done transfer anything if you If made accessively then she did pregnancy will not suit even a normal person, then like if you just wanted to make baked outcomes for what you get their limited part but cool results are good in ad pregnancy there are some dry fruits like this makhana and Which is like the fourth, the amount of calcium in it is very good and it is very good, it should be taken in tight, apart from the good which is the patient who is diabetic, it is their pregnancy, to those who are obese, we say that you should control the diet of sweets.Do not overdo the sum, but those patients who are a little thin or those who do not have the risk of diabetes, we also increase the Guddu which is there because jaggery contains cast-iron and it is very good, some patients who are they yield very big intake of their times. It should not be done like this during pregnancy, pregnancy in itself is a state like diabetes and every maid has the option of having sugar in it, whether someone is thin or solid and whatever fatten in your body you will be playing at this time. it will be difficult to use last-minute So, the food that is to be eaten should have good hand-pickeds, that is, like lentils, roti, vegetable, chapati, salad, fruits, all these are good, but ice cream, chocolate and all these things should be avoided in this vegetable, then it should be avoided. All are gallery items or fried menu, its capacity should be straight, according to the normal rate during pregnancy, if you do it up to 10 kg, then it is quite a lot if it is less than a kilo with maternity, then it is a little bit a matter of concern and Take more than a kilo, then it replenishes the whole life, can not do it during pregnancy, as there is no need to increase too much under pressure, which is normal for only three to four beings, there is a need to increase their height whether what The difficulty is, she will not do anything for the whole day and then when she comes home after finishing all the work, then she has gastritis and such thing difficulty to eat on time, then we adopt this working dish that you got the small request there.But if you can not take it, then you preserve imbibing a glass of ocean with a glass of fruit in between. Will then have to be fixed structures increase the amount of water they kidneys, etc. are there more problem of the kidneys of this twirl of having or her feeling when Stone hence should have a good intake of liquid Ultimately, I would like to say that You are the one who is showing your gestation to the doctor, you should ask your questions very well about the diet, yet you can also do research at your stage like many beings get a lot of information by watching YouTube videos and They know what we should feed, what not to eat and they also know others that we had done this in our gestation, if you do this, then in the end I telling me that pregnancy is a physiologically partitioned i.e. a regular home. can all work everything spin-rev with all the outside work of gestation if there is no one else we have no Comorbidity had Naturally a regular turmeric maternity can not do anything there you have it You can do all kinds of work ordinarily in number You can do your maternity turmeric method till full term regiman, simply you have to take care of your food and your health a bit, if you ask some more questions in this topic, then you can comment in the comment section Thank you very much.

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