One Donut Does Not a Bad Diet Make

i recently received a comment on one of my posts talking about why the use of the term cheat meal can be potentially harmful and in this post i was using a donut as two examples now here’s the reply they said an clause um based on a study proves that a bad nutrition is worse for your state than cigarettes okay and then provide a link to the study perhaps you shouldn’t be advocating this send all right now his argument seems to be that we shouldn’t be encouraging intake of nutrient devoid nutrients in any capability because it is worse for your health than cigarettes and i was like okay oh my god this is a bow claim and if that is actually the case if that is actually supported by designated research we should think about changing our practical recommendations to the general public so i pulled up the study this one is um it was published in 2019 it is a systematic analysis for the global loading of illnes study looking at 195 different countries superb okay i read through the paper now i’m precisely looking for where it says one donut is worse for your health than smoking cigarettes okay i am not seeing this anywhere the findings do say high intake of sodium low-grade uptake of entire grains low-toned uptake of fruit were the leading dietary risk factors for fatalities and disability adjusted man years right okay now i’m looking for where it says feeing the periodic donut means that your fruit and vegetable and otherwise nutrient-dense food consumption suctions um and i’m not help to ensure that here which is a bit odd given what this user said so i precisely invited this person what constitute an bad nutrition what do they define in the study as in by diet of course he didn’t actually directly answer that question and stopped going on about how bad nutrition is so terrible for you and et cetera et cetera et cetera now you can assess the quality of someone’s overall diet based on one menu and seclusion so if i down one doughnut or two donuts in a day but everything else i eat is nutrient rich nutrient thick-witted is that a bad nutrition versus a food filled with nothing but donuts and chippings and cookies and and pizza and deep-fried nutrients that’s probably not going to be ideal but i’m not seeing anyone recommends that kind of diet i’m certainly not doing it restrictive foods are more likely to backfire in the long run if you have a more strict attitude towards menus you are more likely to experience eating disorder indications and behaviors including orgy eating neurosis obsession regret tension sadnes and ironically he quotes my own paraphrase there’s a lot more to state than nutrients alone and then says you got that area right though yeah i did but you didn’t and finally he comes back with this gem stick to fitness let health professionals direct dietary suggestion now i don’t like exploiting appeal to authority to try to win arguments because it is a logical flaw you should be relying on phone sign to aid your points and not resort to designations and aptitudes things like that but since he went that itinerary “i know i m” a certified boasts nutritionist “ive ever done” my master’s degree in the psychology of dining demeanor studying accurately this type of thing not only that but i quite literally study this kind of stuff as one of the purposes of my busines if he wants to say make health professionals handle dietary admonition yeah perhaps perhaps i agree in any case hopefully this gives you guys an idea of how sometimes people can even if they are citing research they might take a small kernel of truth from that and then inflate the conclusions or use it to support their biases even when the research doesn’t actually say what they’re saying so no i am not saying eat nothing but donuts the working day long ingesting a donut does not mean that you are not eating fruits and vegetables you can do both and this is a classic pattern of missing the forest for the trees

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