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hello everyone i’m dr ergen i’m an endocrinologist and a dermatologist today i am answering the question can you have diet soda with diabetes let’s get started okay chaps so diet soda is something that a lot of people ask about and i will explain to you a few things that hopefully uncover some stories here now there’s no really clear kind of answer if you ask me hey you know i’m ready you tell me stop the soda i’ll stop the soda i’ll be like yeah go ahead and stop the soda this video is more like people who have been struggling with the soda but if you’re drinking soda like a can a era or something a food soda it’s okay you know i don’t see any problem with it and i’ll explain to you why soda is a problem even if it is diet soda so overall if your sugars are running high-pitched because of a regular soda definitely i was only highly recommend swapping to diet soda but that doesn’t mean that it’s a magic bullet and it will resolve all the problems and here’s why the studies show that actually people who drink diet soda tend to have more diabetes and it’s an association not causation so we don’t think that food soda campaigns diabetes but we know that the people who drink diet soda or anything in that area they tend to time eat undesirable substance as well so let’s say they’ll have a diet soda with french fries they’ll have a diet soda with a mcdonald’s burger or something like that and you know they think that they are saving calories by drinking diet soda but they go ahead and eat something that’s bad for them or they’re over offsetting they say oh i’m drinking nutrition i can have a cookie or something you know then there’s no point of doing that so another trouble with the diet sodas is that they have the sweet flavour with inspires your brain to crave for sugareds so if you stop “ve got something” after a few months your figure will stop craving for that meat so as a result peculiarly the sweetness so your taste bud will change but if you continue to remind your body it’s the same thing just like an alcohol addiction or a smoking if you continue to remind your body about that then it’s going to be difficult to break that craving so even though they are you do diet soda again that dessert savor that you’re used to will be reinforced and you’re going to create more and more sugaries so even if you’re switching to diet soda in the short term it may assistance but in the long term you may compensate by eating more sweets as a result that may not be the best thing for you now what other traumata combined with the food soda well it can actually in higher concentrations can increase your sodium uptake because there’s sodium in there which as you know sodium can increase your blood pressure can cause bone questions in the long term etc now when it comes to phosphorus content in that soda that’s another trouble for your teeth and for your bones as well because too much phosphorus will bind calcium and you’re not going to be able to build the strong bones and teeth also there are some other acids in that boozes the acid definitely will degenerate the enamel on your teeth and too much acid is also detrimental for your bones as well the bottom line is soda is not that frightful for you if you’re having one or two of them a date if it’s a food as long as you know you’re not over consuming but actually not ingesting anything and just going for water or in the worst case scenario maybe some carbonated water that’s not definitely flavored or honied with non-caloric sweeteners if you want to transition that way to the water it will be your best bet last-place but not least is the cancer question does that generate cancer that aspartame and some other artificial sweeteners that are used in the sodas is often used to people tend to think that they can cause cancer well studies and research have been repeatedly refused that hypothesis and there is really no evidence that these things inevitably compel cancer and rats in some of the artificial sweeteners did in a highly very high dosages but again you can make anything toxic if you make high enough dose so remember that i mean you can get water talk intoxication if sucking from too much water so as a result you know people the occasional soda is not going to be a big deal it’s better to eliminate the soda totally and sweet refreshments from your diet altogether but if you cannot just try to cut it down to a half a can or a can a period and they’ll be the best thing for you all right guys please leave a comment like and share we’ll told you in the next video

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