Introduction to a Micronutrient-based diet plan – Part 0

Hi people welcome to this mini lecture streak onmicronutrient so this is gonna be an introduction to a micronutrient-baseddiet plan and we answer big questions such as you know what are vitamins andminerals and can we live without them So the objectives set out in this lecturing line is to shedsome light on the confusion that’s out there There are a lot of diet schemes a lot of fastingintermittent fasting keto diet plan and everyone promotes different nutrition programmes and there’s just so much fluster But current realities of studies and research is that it’s inconclusive so sometimesthey are positive studies and sometimes they are negative the outcome and mostly we don’t know and it sort of depends it could work for a person but it might not work for anotherperson However we know for sure that not getting enough micronutrients not getting enough ofcertain vitamins and minerals has proven to cause maladies in the long term such as diabetes And in the short term even if you don’t have a certain condition yet you still get symptomssuch as fatigue or general tiredness So hopefully understanding some of the contextsaround micronutrients we will be able to answer Some of these common questions that beings have Is there a need for complements? Isn’t a balanced diet enough? Why do some doctors and otherhealth professionals say different things? Are vitamins and minerals absorb better in meat thansupplements? Is there such thing as the best diet? Why is the diet advice world so confusing? Isn’tthere a better acces to address it? and my short answer is: Yes, by looking at the micronutrientneeds So what are the underlying questions that we need to address and answer before weanswer all those questions First what characterizes a micronutrient What makes avitamin a’ vitamin ‘, what makes a mineral a’ mineral ‘? How is the thing decided to bea micronutrient and who gets to decide it? Who’s the authority who gets to decide what’s a vitamin what’s a mineral? What are the current list recognized asmicronutrients? Can the directory of the micronutrient change over time? How is the amount decided? What’s the science? What’s the data? What are the terms used what do they meanWhat’s RDA? What’s RNI? What’s EAR? What’s UL? So are Malaysians meeting thoserequirements in an average diet let’s say they’re from in a midriff income category And this deals withthe reality of the statistics that we have Can requirements are complied with through menu alone? And this deals with the reality of what’s in the food content Are synthetic micronutrients same ordifferent compared to natural micronutrients? Does your person recognize them assame or different and that depends Sometimes your form can’t differentiate themand sometimes they can, it depends on the forms what are the consequences of not filling thelevels initiated by professionals you know this is the’ So what ?’ question: So what if I don’tmeet it what is happening in me? Then what happens if everyone meets the requirements? Well, what the hell is the future look like? Will disease rate drop? Are there cases where a person’s need is more than the standard requirement? This deals with your senility your genetic so yes there can be caseswhere your needs are more than what’s required of service standards, compared to a standard personwhat are the current problems, errors and misapplications of micronutrients in Malaysiaso you know there are a lot of micronutrients There’s so many which one should I focus on firstly? How do you even begin to design how much you should take? Is there a standard guideline? Then we go into the overview: which one you should getfrom nutrient which one you get from supplement or youknow which are combination of food and supplement? addressing some of the other nutrients that arenot considered micronutrient but can be important to the body as well such as the essential fattyacids or omega-3, 6,9. We deal with what’s what are phytochemicals and probiotics andand if they material or not then we go into some specific combinations of micronutrientsdo you need to take them together or you must take them at separate timesshould you keep a directory of what you take and then at the end we can deal with the topic ofpersonalized nutrition and by the way this had not been able to synchronous when I deal with the topicsthese are not the specific timeline but hopefully i can answer all these questions aswe move through the line so that’s it for the introduction.we’ll see you in the next video where I talk about the definition of micronutrients.


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