Insulin Resistance Diet Plan (What to Eat to REVERSE Insulin Resistance!)

in today’s video i’m going to give you a three-daymeal plan aimed at reversing insulin resistance insulin resistance has become an epidemicwith an estimated two-thirds of the population suffering from it symptoms of insulin resistanceinclude abdominal paunch surface calls and sugar lusts after snacking when untreated insulinresistance can lead to type 2 diabetes pcos and heart disease and while this maysound scary insulin resistance is reversible with a few diet and life-style alters so intoday’s video i’m going to show you an example of what three days of dining mightlook like for insulin fighting hey chaps welcome back to my canal if you’re newhere my word is kait i’m a health instruct and i post videos on a high overweight nutrient dense lane of eatingif you like this video please give it a thumbs up feel free to share and make sure to subscribe andmake sure to follow me on instagram chirp and facebook where i share new berths every single dayi’m going to start off today giving you a bit of a background about what insulin resistance is andhow you can reverse it through diet and lifestyle but if you want to skip ahead tothe meal contrive section of this video there will be time stamps on the progress bar foryou to do so either way stick around until the end of the video because i’m going to be fastening youup with a free printable explanation of this banquet intention what is insulin resistance insulin is a hormonethat is responsible for stay our blood sugar heights in check when we eat blood sugar goesup and then the pancreas releases insulin insulin is responsible for pushing the excessglucose out of your bloodstream and into your cells as your cells pick up the glucose yourblood sugar positions return to ordinary insulin itself is not evil it toy a very important role inthe body and without it our blood sugar would rise to perilous positions which is the problem thattype 1 diabetics face their bodies is not produce insulin at all so they have to inject it insulinresistance occur when our cells stop responding to insulin in the way that they should your cellsare not accepting the glucose so your pancreas originates more insulin to address it as a resultyou have high distribute insulin levels which leads to a lot of side effects such as stirring itdifficult to lose weight storing load around your abdomen and dark skin spots in surface foldsthe high insulin is able to deal with the glucose for a while though which is why insulin resistanceoften croaks undiagnosed practitioners are mainly focused on fasting blood sugar and do not oftentest fasting insulin the problem is is that insulin resistance starts years or even a decadebefore you start to see a change in your blood sugar insulin resistance will almost always leadto form 2 diabetes if you tell it progress fairly but if you know that you are insulin resistantyou can stop it before it gets to that pitch the reason we become insulin resistant is due toour mass creating too much insulin for our cells to handle the way to reverse insulin resistanceand improve insulin sensitivity is to reduce the amount of insulin your person is creating two waysyou can do this include reducing carbohydrates specially refined ones because they stimulateinsulin the most and intermittent fasting which are the two policies we are going to focus onin today’s video now when you increase carbs in your nutrition it’s really important to increase fatthis course of ingesting is also known as the keto or ketogenic food because when you abbreviate carbsyour torso starts rendering ketones for intensity which is a natural and even advantageous metabolicprocess in the snack intention we are about to get into i include a variation of fasting every otherday known as bulletproof fasting this type of fasting means you replace breakfast with a highfat coffee drink this liquor saves your insulin low-grade but gives you a increase in ketones and vigor whichkeeps you going until your first genuine dinner if you don’t drinking chocolate you can make a bulletproof teaor matcha instead or simply hop-skip it all together and do a true-life fast and one very last thing before youget into the meal plan i often get asked if low fat foods are effective at changing insulinresistance there are still innumerable studies equating low-fat and low-carb foods in thecontext of insulin resist diabetes and weight loss and low-carb foods come out overwhelminglyon top there really is no comparison of the two one study likened three foods the firstwith seventy percentage of calories from carbs and ten percent from fat the second largest with fiftypercent from carbs and 30 percentage from overweight and the final was a ketogenic diet with lessthan five percent carbs and over 60 percent fat all three radicals chew the same amountof calories over eight weeks the keto diet group lowered fasting insulin by 33 and themoderate carb group by 19 there was no change in fasting insulin with the high-pitched carb group i willlink this study and others in the description box down below if you want to check them outafterwards but now let’s get into the meal plan me foreign so so me and that is the three-day meal plan for insulinresistance now if you guys want a free printable imitate of this dinner schedule you can head to my forward reduction meal program and enter in the code name AVOCADO in all capsif you guys did enjoy this video please remember to give it a thumbs up and explain down belowanything you want to comment likes and observes certainly help to support my path if you enjoyedthis video you might also like my video on signals and manifestations of insulin resist which youcan check out here if you want to catch up on my most recent upload you can find it here and ifyou want to check out my keto diet and carnivore diet coaching curricula you can find them herethanks again guys i’ll see you next time bye

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