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[Music] so [Music] [Music] hi everyone welcome back to another diet vlog since some of you missed me talking in my videos so here you go but i'm not gonna talk much because i actually prefer writing so my planning for this diet is to sleep early and wake up early so i decided to wake up at 7 30 am and pace myself for 5 hours in between each meal which made my breakfast at around 7 30 a.m i honestly just changed my clothes and had my breakfast without looking at the time and my lunch will be at 12 30 pm dinner at 5 30 pm and lastly it's to sleep at 10 30 p.m which i know is impossible for me because i'm a night owl trying to be an early bird [Music] first of all it smells very good but the portion is actually not that much let me show you it's only like this much since it's like a carbonara spaghetti i thought it will be much more like creamier but it's like so dry so i'm not sure if it tastes good or not but you know there's no instant food that tastes bad so i bet it's gonna taste like it's actually my first time trying konjac noodles cognac noodles i don't know how to pronounce but anyway yeah konjac um the noodles are actually pretty good it's like so chewy it's like jelly noodles the sauce is actually quite salty for me yeah it's actually pretty salty i thought it would taste a little bit you know like less salty less sweet because since it's a healthier version i think it will taste much more better if i add chili some chili in it it does taste like carbonara even though you don't see like the real thick gooey carbonara sauce and it actually takes a while for me to chew the noodles because it's so chewy it's actually very sweet too for me i will grate this konya noodle a 7 out of 10 because i think the seasonings are too strong for me but overall it tasted really good i decided to do park bomb diet because i saw her picture recently where she shocked everyone with her drastic weight loss she managed to lose 11 kilograms from kg to 59 kg park bomb explained that she had gained a lot of weight because of her add medication have no idea what it is either so i search up add which stands for attention deficit disorder that cause a range of behavior problems such as difficulty attending to instructions focusing on work keeping up with past and social interactions ada medication can cause side effects such as mood swings and irritability sleep problems rebound and other more which causes park bomb to gain weight park bomb started her diet with juvie's diet which is a famous company for celebrity diets such as shindong hogak and sam pemington she mentioned that she's going to have a comeback soon which is also one of the reason why she tried to lose weight to look healthier and prettier the main reason for her to lose weight is because she is shocked by last year grand bell awards picture of her and it seems like she's trying to start a new chapter as she even changed her instagram name to new harubon park to show her best for her fans she also shared some photos of her on instagram regarding juvie's diet looking prettier and healthier and fans are looking forward for her comeback [Music] juvie's diet company say that park bomb was the hardest to manage because she often had mood swings and couldn't control her appetite so it was hard to manage her eating but now park bomb has successfully managed to lose weight and said she felt much healthier and also have cut down on her medication juvie's diet has been helping celebrities to lose weight since 2009 they don't reveal specific diet or workout plans on each client regarding their weight loss program so i just adjusted the diet based on my research and preferences so this will be my lunch for today [Music] it's also another instant cognac noodles park bomb did mention about working out in one of juvie's youtube channel video advertising home workout programs but most of you who watch my video often must know that i don't work out if i'm on a strict diet because i work out every day when i'm not following a strict diet [Music] park bomb weight used to fluctuate a lot in the past and many people misinterpreted as her doing various kind of restrictive diet such as lettuce diet corn diet and watermelon diet however yg entertainment exclusive trainer revealed that she ate five meals a day which include two snacking meals and three main meals that include her favorite foods corns and nuts she just switched her rice or bread with lettuce or watermelon but some stated that her diet isn't healthy in the past because she loves corn and corns are high in gmo [Music] so if you asked how did i get to know her diet plan well i actually searched up shindong diet tips from juvi's diet company even though i'm not sure if parkbone follows the same diet plan as shin dong because they did mention that they have different diet plan for each celebrity so the few tips that shindong shared to help him lose 70 pounds which is equivalent to 31 kilograms in three months from 116 kg to 85 kg is that it's important to eat an equal amount of food for each meal so he ate three meals in a day breakfast lunch and dinner he also mentioned that he lose a lot of weight while sleeping so he tries to sleep early and wake up early he sleep around 11 pm and wake up at 7 00 am so it's important to sleep for at least 8 hours another important tip is to pace your meals throughout the day you have 5 hours in between breakfast lunch dinner and going to bed he also mentioned that he didn't work out to lose weight because he want to show people that you can lose weight by not working out he mentioned that he can actually lose weight faster by exercising but he doesn't want people to get suspicious if you lose weight too fast he also mentioned that a lot of people in his industry go on diets and would rest for a bit and come back after losing weight but people would be suspicious of them so he purposely broadcast shows every day to show people that he's losing weight on a daily basis trying to imagine that it's a pizza [Music] [Music] it smells like me going [Music] this tastes very similar to migoreng and it's really tasty especially when it's late at night and you're craving for like instant noodles you can actually eat this instead i'm never gonna buy the spicy curry anymore because it's so spicy i almost died yesterday so good so this is going to be my dinner i have chickpea sweet potato lettuce cherry tomatoes and also thousand island salad dressing actually find these diet tips pretty good and healthy going to bed on time was hard at first but once you set the right time to wake up and go to bed on repetition your body will adjust to it gradually [Music] [Music] you

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