How Marc reverses type 2 diabetes on a low-carb diet

I used to be a very large party, I weighed 23 stone, which is about 340 pounds. I was diagnosed with nature 2 diabetestwo and a half years ago and I decided I is necessary to dosomething about it. My name is Marc, I’m a 56 year aged ex-banker. I was born in London, lived in London for nearly all my life and then moved to France for three yearsand now live on the Southern coast of the UK, near a locate announced Worthing.I’d already started goggling about diabetes because I thought that waswhat was going to happen and I felt the websiteand members of the forum there and I started reading about how otherpeople were dealing with their category 2. And from what I read, everyone who went on a low-carb dietseemed to have the best success rates. So I pictured, “Well, it’s time to give this a go”. The most difficult thing in the beginning probablywas giving up crusty bread. I’d lived in France for a few yearsbefore my diagnosis and used to eat a lot of croissantsand freshly cooked baguettes.It was hard to give up, but I recognise, “It doesn’t do me any good” and it mounts all sorts of triggersfor kind of compulsive eating, so I really shun it altogether now. So I are consistent with a diabetes wet-nurse that told mewho I was on the road to having insulin, my HbA1c was going to get worse. When I went back to see herthree months later, she said, “Oh, your HbA1chas come down quite a lot. That is required to be the metformin doing that.” I was very pleased to tell her thatI had stopped taking them after three weeks and hadn’t take them since and thatactually I was completely diet controlled.And she was sure I was talking rubbish. I thanked her actually, because I said, “You reached me so incensed when I firstly metyou “that I decided to do something about it myselfrather than listening to what you were saying. So it’s kind of partly down to you…what I have achieved”. My friends and family were a little stunnedwhen I started losing load and specially the move of it, because it was quite quick.And some other friends, in fact we were assure on Sunday, they’ve started cuttingtheir own carbs down. And I is an attempt evangelize about itas much as I is possible and it seems that peopleare starting to listen. Well, I reckon, obviouslyit’s been very good for me and I’ve lost load and I am healthier. After one year on ketoI suddenly came this outburst of energy. We were on holiday in the Canary Islands. I woke up and reputed, “I want to go the gym.” And the inn had a gym and for the first time in 10 yearsI went on a loping machine and ran. My opinion for anyone who wants to startlow-carb food is to only make love. It’s not going to cause you any harmand it may do you a whole lot of good. So I think it’s a great meaning for anyone. If they can get their mind around the factthat it’s going to do them good, it’s going to be beneficial to their health, what have they got to lose?

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