HCG and Weight Loss: What is the HCG Diet Protocol?

HCG and Weight Loss: What is the HCG DietProtocol? Many patients have viewed their doctor for generalcheckups and have been advised to lose weight. But get improve losing weight is a differentstory. Unfortunately, approved drugs to helppatients exceed on a calorie-restricted diet are not very effective. The show extent of weight loss is quitesmall and the Food and Drug Administration( FDA) merely requires that weight-loss medicationshelp a patient lose at least 5% of their body weight. These drugs can be quite expensive asmany are not covered by insurance. For these reasons and others, numerous patientsseek out alternative cares and complements for weight loss that might not be scientificallyproven. What is HCG? Human chorionic gonadotropin( HCG) is a naturallyoccurring hormone made by the placenta during pregnancy. The degrees induced were high and canbe detected in the urine of pregnant females. Thats right! HCG is the same hormone that is measured byhome pregnancy testing! Doctors can prescribe HCG at high dosages tohelp cases with birthrate problems, but it is also used in an off-label way forweight loss protocols.Does drug HCG cause weight loss? The original HCG diet protocol recommendsa daily HCG injection in combination with severe calorie regulation: around 500 caloriesper date. The science therefore seems that parties lose weighton the HCG diet because of the small amount of calories they dine , not because of the HCGinjection. What is the HCG diet protocol? The HCG diet dates back to the 1950 s, buthas become popular over the last ten years. The initial work with HCG and diet was doneby a famed British endocrinologist, Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons. He first was also noted that when HCG was injectedinto boys with low levels of the male hormone testosterone, individual patients lost person fat.What Dr. Simeons detected is that at lowdoses, HCG mustered fatty disturbance and protected the patient from the muscle loss that oftenaccompanies low-calorie diets. HCG also helps to suppress appetite and combatthe decrease vigour positions that cases often feel while munching very few calories. Several studies done on HCG in the 1970 s didnot show that lending HCG to a strict food helped patients to lose more weight. Consulted in a medical professional to makesure a very low-calorie diet and HCG are safe for someone like you. The original Simeons HCG protocol called fordaily HCG infusions in addition to providing a very low-calorie diet of nearly 500 calories. Compare that to the 4,500 calories an averageAmerican devours on Thanksgiving day. What can I eat on the HCG diet protocol? During the diet etiquette, most menus are removed especially fatty and starchy ones. The food member eats the following: 2 suffices of lean flesh per date, 2 dishes of vegetables per era, 2 returns per era, Theoption for 2 Italian Grissini breadsticks daily. Within these tight restraints, breakfastis typically replaced with a large glass of lemon water instead. During its optional protocol, the dieter is also encouragedto avoid applying oil-based makeup and moisturizers.Depending upon private individuals, the food planand doses last-place from a minimum of 21 daylights to a maximum period of 40 dates. Where is the HCG used in the HCG protocolderived from? Most of the HCG commercially available inthe United Government is actually extracted from the urine of pregnant girls. What about over-the-counter HCG and HCG dietdrops? The FDA has taken a strong stance on over-the-counterhomeopathic HCG produces like oral capsules, drops-off and sprays that are marketed for weightloss. At this time, all drug concoctions that includehomeopathic HCG are considered by the FDA to be marketed illegally. Vegetarians or vegans and the HCG protocol.Vegetarians should expect about one-half theweight loss on the HCG protocol as compared to those who eat meat. Vegetarians on the HCG diet etiquette mustdrink 500 milliliters of skim milk daily for protein uptake, but milk has carbohydrate, whichthe unaltered protocol is quite low in. Nuts, wheat and nuts are not allowed on theHCG diet hope, so vegans cannot safely participate, as they would have too little protein intake. What are the side effects of HCG( HCG dietprotocol )? Like all remedies, HCG has side effects. Those on the HCG protocol can also experienceconsequences from the very low-calorie diet itself. Side influences from the HCG diet protocol caninclude blood clotting, gallbladder stones and onslaughts, electrolyte troubles, fatigue, and recession. If a blood clot tours to the lungs, a pulmonaryembolism can occur, which can result in cardiac arrest and death. Again, consulted in a medical professionalto make sure a very low-calorie diet and HCG is safe for someone looks just like you ..

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