Good Health: Drinking 2 diet beverages a day linked to stroke, heart attacks

and good help tonight swapping out regular pop for diet might seem like a health alternative but a brand-new study indicates artificially honied beverages might pose gambles of their own dr. Frank McGeorge is here tonight with the growing science behind this possible health hazard well Karen and JC you know as somebody who actually chooses to drink diet over regular soda this research is actually starting to bother me as counterintuitive as it might be there have been prior studies joining artificially sweetened sodas to weight gain diabetes and even high blood pressure well now it’s stroke a new study from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association says sucking two or more of any type of artificially candied cup a era is linked to a greater risk of heart attack clock located strokes and early death in wives over 50 after limiting for lifestyle parts the study discovered a 31% increase in clot located apoplexies now the greatest increase was in women who were obese or african-american these conclusions come after looking at the data of over 81 thousand women over 50 years old that are part of the women’s health initiative this intends the study solutions cannot are applicable to followers because this is an observational study it doesn’t display a specific cause and effect and no one is clear if the detected relate is related to the way the data was collected in the study or an actual aftermath the artificial sweeteners could be having while there’s no expert agreement hitherto countless investigates argued that while changing sugary liquids with artificially candied sodas can be useful as a short-term solution when people are cutting halls long-term imbibing artificially sweetened drinkings does not appear to be healthful and Americans may be paying attention to these studies in fact the Beverage Marketing Corporation says bottled water surpassed carbonated soft drinks to become the top refreshment by capacity in 2016 back to you discover we’re learn

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