Gestational Diabetes South Indian Diet Plan | Eat 6 times a day in small portions | GDM diet

Hi this is Poornima senthilkumar welcome to my channel. Today we are mosting likely to review regarding a really crucial subject Today we are going to discuss regarding a really important subject That'' s all concerning gestational diabetes Which influences females during maternity Am mosting likely to review my own personal experience Am going to discuss my own individual experience Prevention is far better than treatment Even you wear'' t have previous background of diabetic issues you can follow this diet regimen plan You can also follow this diet regimen plan when u plan for pregnancy Follow this diet plan atleast 3 months before intending maternity Mainly individuals those who are obese or obese Should strictly comply with diet regimen plan to drop weight In my perspective after achieving a healthy and balanced weight After that only we should prepare for maternity Because while pregnant we gain almost 10-12 kg weight So if you are obese say 90 kg (mine) I lowered 10 kg by following this diet plan And afterwards only intended for my second maternity This is only for overweight or overweight individuals And except those in perfect weight range But those in an optimal weight variety additionally obtain diabetes mellitus If you desire your fetus to be healthy Strategy it before and also have healthy diet plan Being on pre maternity diet plan benefits u in addition to the unborn child Now state if you are pregnant yet you can obtain diabetes in any kind of stage of your pregnancy Because I got gestational diabetes mellitus (GM) during my 9th month Due to the fact that it depends upon our lifestyle Also if you have just chapati/ roti you can get GMD You have greater than 60% of possibility Obtaining diabetic issues This is mainly due to the fact that if you put on'' t maintain healthy and balanced diet plan I don ' t reference to starve for food But consume healthy and balanced in minimal amounts often No feast no diet Reasons of diabetes mellitus is our placenta generate even more harmones So our blood consists of even more sugar Yet if our pancreas fall short to work properly As well as doesn'' t produce insulin We obtain diabetes mellitus Our blood stream includes more sugar if our pancreas doesn'' t feature correctly Yet you might ask question exactly how do I understand if I have GDM Your physician may check or take a test On your regular monthly visit Generally throughout 5 th or 9th month You can also discover by some symptoms Like extremely thirsty or appetite or frequently urination These signs and symptoms alone is not valid You have to do a blood test obligatory Fasting and after food And afterwards your medical professional identify If you obtain diabetes mellitus you may bring about Cesaren Since if you have diabetes you obtain hypertension during distribution And additionally in your future maternity your chances of obtaining Diabetic issues is higher This additionally results in higher birth weight in infants This likewise causes Csection If child mores than 4 kg typical shipment is some what threat If you have hypertension after that likewise compulsory C section And after shipment baby might get reduced sugar Bcoz prior to distribution she will certainly be getting all nutrients from you As well as likewise this results in kind 2 diabetes For them in future To prevent all these difficulties you should Follow health diet regimen Make workout a habit prior to after As well as throughout your maternity If you exercise the diet plan and also exercise Atleast 20 days you get it as a habbit Go with a 30 min walk and also be energetic During last month of pregnancy even a 10 minutes walk is good Inspect your sugar degrees and speak with your doctor Am providing this diet as my gynae recommended This almost suits every person You can consult your medical professional and also follow It'' s a approx 1200 calories diet regimen strategy It'' s a South Indian diet regimen plan You can regulate your sugar level If you have diagnosed with diabetes mellitus your doc will certainly take care of 2 weeks prior to the shipment day Generally we have 3 times meals morning meal lunch as well as supper Split up and also eat 6 or 7 times a day This every one people recognize But we do not maintain Morning awaken early go for a stroll And also start your diet regimen Comply with the timings provided in the video

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