Dr. Stephen Phinney on advocates of a plant-based diet for treating type 2 diabetes

One can do a, certainly a low-toned carb, and even a ketogenic dietas a vegan vegetarian. It’s easier to do asa lacto ovo vegetarian where the majority of one’s food is coming from non meat sources, and particularly from plant sources. And I actually was, I was attended a symposium recently in Chicago where there was aadvocate of total fasting for limited duration of liketwo or to three weeks, followed by a weed based diet. And he presented evidence of reversing Type II Diabetes with that approach. The total fasting was donein an inpatient giving. This is obviously, wouldbe a very expensive way of using this kind of therapy.And his data was impressive in terms of the people he selected to present. But these are people whochose to A, pay the money, and B, “re going through” the fasting. And at the end we agreed terribly collegial that there are some people who are well suited to do it that way. And there are many parties, and certainly we received quite a few of them in the Lafayette, Indiana area who were able to do itwith the Virta program. The two are not mutually exclusive. And so in the future as, particularly as there are stringent studies done with the flower based food, because up til now it’sbeen more anecdotal and ideological than discipline located. But as people demonstratewhat percent of people who are banked intosuch policy interventions can succeed at that , not justfor months, but for years, we’ll be able to offer parties, mostly a menu ofoptions rather than saying this is the way to do it.And I don’t think there’s one carbon, or one cookie cutter approach that are suitable every humanbeing’s metabolic needs. – Yeah, and I also thinkthere’s wish, and lifestyle choicetoo, is that you have to, we were talking about doingsomething sustainable. You have to choose somethingthat’s going to work for you both in terms of healthand your metabolic needs, and your lifestyle, soyou have to kind of find the balance between the two.And for some people itmight be one direction, and for some people it mightbe a different direction. Definitely have to consider what the patient’s goals and significances are. – Agree ..

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