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When I was 110 kg, I used to make a resolution on New Year every December. Whatever happens from this New Year, I have to start a diet, in this year I will show a new explanation of myself, I have to lose weight, 10 epoches are Left for brand-new time , now i eat whatever i like, because from new time i have to stop everything. 31 st december is gathering light, “what i m trying to” seek pizza, pasta , noodles, butter chicken, butter naan all done, Oh no … forgot the desert. It’s 1st january, my food is starting from today, and the meat you succession for yesterday’s party is left in the fridge, so who will eat it. Oh yes, menu should not go to the waste, let’s start diet from tomorrow. Don’t Know how many New Years have guided but the same story of every New Year. But then a new year came which changed my life and gave me a new life and my change happened how it happened. I will tell you in today’s video This new year is very special because this year your conversion is going to happen. Because the diet plan that I have brought today is so extraordinary that if you follow it, it cannot happen that your alteration will not happen, you do not lose weight. This weight loss thing, it going with us since when, we are in school then weight loss, in college then weight loss, have to get married then weight loss, went to see relatives then weight loss, travel for a party, ran for a dinner, going with friends then weight loss, if want to conceive then weight loss, let’s tip it now. Now this resolution should not be made on the next brand-new time, that we have to lose weight. Whole life will not keep on losing weight, We got only one living, let’s finish it now& after that many more things have to be done in life and I also have a resolution this year that I can help many more beings in losing force this year.In fixing their health, in transforming their lives, in changing their lives. So let’s start today’s food hope. If you think, weight loss is very difficult, but if you understand it formerly, then it’s nothing. Like I explain all these things systematically to all my buyers. In today’s video, I will explain to you in the same way. I will tell you all the things step wise so that it will be very easy for you to understandand. And after that you will get lucidity that How to lose weight? And then good-for-nothing difficult. Time go on following all the things step by step, stop following all these principles& then see how your metamorphosi happens. The most important thing is that you have to wake up on time& sleep on time, because this is the thing that affects our weight loss a lot.If you sleep late, then you will get up late and here the effect is your weight loss. So you have to sleep at 10:00 -1 0:30 PM& wake up around at 6:00 -6: 30 in the morning. Then use the washroom& after that first you have to check your force. If you check your weight daily then you can easily track your progress.& if you do not check your force for a long time, then you will not know how the nutrition, you are following, will affect your body.So it’s very important to check force daily You have to check your heavines on an empty-headed belly. After that the most important thing comes to your morning drinking, which is the first thing you have to take as soon as you wake up, you should not take any tea or coffee at this time, you have to make your morning drinking. In the morning imbibe with this diet plan, I am giving you fenugreek tea and 2 immersed walnuts with it. How to perform fenugreek tea. Come to my kitchen, i will tell you. We are offsetting methi tea, I have given a pan on the gas. I will apply a little more water than a glass in it, I have added one forth tea spoonful of fenugreek seeds. Cover it and give it steam. Boil it for five minutes after that we will turn off this gas, we will remove its lid, and displace it to the glass, that’s it. So very simple, our fenugreek tea is ready, we have to drink this full glass. We can suck it Luke Warm or sizzling. It is very astonishing, regulates diabetes, awfully shocking for cholesterol, Weight loss, specially it mastery belly solid in a unusually amazing lane. So this was our morning liquor, the very first thing you have to take in the morning should be this. In the morning go red-hot swallow of this, dine your 2 robbed walnuts with it and see how fresh your morning will be After this comes our breakfast’s turn, never bounce it. If you is not have time to offset breakfast in the morning, then the first thing I have brought is very simple and immediate options, but if we do not have that much time, then you should make it at night and keep it in the fridge, and In the morning you heat it and eat it, but don’t skip it at all. Because if you hop-skip your breakfast, you will be low in vigour for the whole day& you will not be able to focus on your work and there will be no weight loss at all, so you are able to never bounce breakfast and take it on time around 7:30. You must have your breakfast The option that I am giving you with this diet plan for breakfast is our ChickPea Oats, how to make it, Come to my kitchen, i will tell you. We are stimulating our health yummy chick pea hairs. First of all I have heated a pan, now I will keep lubricant in it, so I am putting this one spoon oil in it, we will not use too much oil at all. Now I am adding cumin seeds in it, as soon as our cumin grains become a little brown, a little splatter will start, I will put in it finely chopped ginger, which is good for our absorption, and too very good Anti-inflammetry.Now I am computing now finely chopped garlic, i.e. lehsun If you do not eat garlic, then you can skip it very easily. Now I am putting now finely Chopped Green Chilli i.e. hari mirch, which you will see in every recipe of mine.& I like it very much in my every recipe. Now we will cook all this things a little bit, we will saute a little and when it becomes a little brown, then I am contributing red chilli gunpowder now. You can adjust it according to your penchant. I am contributing little bit turmeric gunpowder i.e.Haldi, which is very beneficial for our state& it will meet the colour of our recipe very good Now I am lending coriander gunpowder i.e. Coriander seeds powder. Now we will cook all these things very well, and will not give them burn, that’s why we will keep the flared very low, will not cook on slew of makes. Now I am putting the finely chopped onions in it.If you do not eat onions, then you can skip the committee is also very easily. Now we will cook them a bit, saute them alittle, till it becomes a little transparent and mingle them well with all the spices. Now now will come our supernatural parts which is our chole masala, so if you do not have chole masala at home then you can also compute garam masala now. We will desegregate it is a good one and cook a little more. All the the situation has mixed very well here. Now I am putting finely chopped tomato here , now i am supplementing a little bit salt in it We will mix all these things very well and cook our tomatoes until it become a little soft and pulpy. We will cook it by treating with a lid for around 5 minutes, so that everything does cooked very well. It’s been 5 minutes now, by removing the lid, let’s check it. It looks like, everything has been cooked very well , now let’s mix them and our tomatos also become very soft , now now I am putting chickpeas i.e.White chickpeas. I have stewed them, and now it has become very soft, i have taken half cup of cooked chickpeas. I will mix everything with the chickpeas. now all the spices are coated on the chickpeas. Now I am taking oats here, this is rolled oats& I have made half goblet of rolled oats here. Now we will mix all these things well so that oats, chickpeas& the whole spices get desegregated so well uniformly. Now we will pour ocean in it. I am taking half cup of ocean now, so that everything gets soaked well that is something that ocean ought to have pour in it.And we will mix it very well and cook it with the lid on it. so now I embrace it with the lid& concoct it on low-pitched to medium glow for around 5 to 10 minutes. Checks to see it by removing the lid that our chickenpeas oats are cooked very well. Just garnish it a little, it with dhaniya leaves i.e. Coriander leaves Now it is ready to serve. And we dish on a very nice dish. It looks very tasty and my favorite. Because my all epoch favorite is Chickpea Rice. But when I was looking for a health alternative of this, then I develop this dish and it looks very awfully unusually delicious people, you must try it. If you snack this, then you will not feel the lack of your Chickpea Rice at all, you will find it equally delicious. This is a very quick one pot recipe for the whole family. This was our ChickPea Oats. If you are also fond of Chickpea Rice like me, then you are going to like this recipe very much, It’s my beloved, because I like Chickpea Rice very much and it is very good for weight loss, so you must have this in your breakfast in the morning.You will like it very much, it seems very tasty, you can take around 1-1 1/2 cup of checkpea oats. you do not need to skip your favorite tea& coffee with it, utterly you can take. But one thing Keep in brain that do not add sugar or jaggery in it at all. If you are eligible to booze swoon tea, then that’s great. If you cannot booze then you can situated stevia in it but you do not have to use sugar or jaggery in it at all. If you do not want to take this then you can take curd oats, I have already announced the recipe of curd oats on my channel,& many have liked this recipe very much, it seems very tasty to my consumer, I give them they find it terribly yummy.You can eat this. We do not want to eat oats, tell me something else, it is okay. Let’s tell. I have 5 types of Khichdi recipe on my direct, 5 different types of Khichdi. You can take it by changing it in your breakfast. We do not want to eat khichdi in the morning. We like roti paratha. Well then, this is the recipe of Seven Paratha, you can see it in my channel, it is also extremely yummy and it will keep you full for a long time. You can take one or two parathas readily in your breakfast, but do not fry them, we have to conclude them without petroleum and when it is done, then do not forget to apply 1 tsp of softened desi ghee on it.With this, you can definitely take a cup of milk or half a cup of curd or if you like your tea and coffee, then you can take that extremely. Now who will attain roti paratha early in the morning, we can’t make it, tell us any easy alternative, which becomes very quick, then we will tell you. This is the recipe of sandwiches on my direct, there is only 10 sandwiches and all of them are very tasty, they are made immediately, can be made at night and kept in the fridge, heat in the microwave early in the morning, give on it, ate it or took it with you. but did not skip breakfast. So you can take all these sandwiches by changing them throughout the week, you will not be tolerated at all, all of them are very tasty. This is our breakfast done, early morning around 7:30 -8 00. After that it comes to our mid morning snacks. Now you will ask me why should we eat mid-morning snacks, if we gobble less then our weight loss will be quick, so let’s skip our mid morning snacks. So I would say don’t make this mistake at all, because if you do not eat your Mid-Morning Snacks, then you will be very hungry in lunch and you are able to over chew. If you do this, then you will not lose weight at all, if you maintain a very long gap between your breakfast and lunch, then you may have acidity, your metabolism can go down. So unquestionably make mid-morning snacks, it will help you to lose weight and will not increase your weight at all. And on this ruse, the fruit will go to our person, which contains countless vitamins and antioxidants, which are very good for our health.So mid morning, you have to take around 10 O’ clock, and in this I am giving you 200 grams of desegregated fruit. Mix any fruits of your select, which are very easily available in your region, which are locally available in your country, make a mix of all the outcomes, make a chaat, and take 200 grams of it at this time. But you have to be very careful that you is not add salt in salad or fruit chaat because numerous people know that sugar reasons weight addition, but numerous parties do not know that even access salt can casue force addition. So deter salt in your food, that very on the lesser side.But don’t eat access salt in salad or in outcomes, you are able to absolutely forestalled chaat masala too much because chaat masala also contains a good deal of salt. so at this time you will make your mid morning snack and after that comes to our lunch turn. So guys the video was getting long, that’s it in this part. I will share the rest of the diet contrive in next division, in which I will share with you Tasty, Easy, yummy options for lunch, night snacks& dinner& the nighttime cup, from which you will get amazing weight loss and in this year you will also be able to do your terrific transformation. bide carol, hit on the like button and make sure you subscribe the direct. Must click on the buzzer icon so that when persona 2 comes, “youve been” the first to know, see you in my next video. Till then stay carol to my path people, bye for now

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