Diet|🔥3일동안 -2.5kg|단기간 다이어트 (feat.전효성님 다이어트)

Annyoung HASO! Hi everyone. I took place an egg diet for 3 days. 3 days diet contrast video launched in advancement. Allow'' s go see it together. Evaluate yourself the day you begin the diet plan. Highest weight this year. Everybody, I weigh 53 kg today. I consumed a lot of food lately. When spring comes, everything tastes like this. I'' m going to strive on my diet once again from today.12:40 pm. 2 boiled eggs. 200 ml of low-fat milk. 1 banana. Every person, the one meal a day we utilized to do is extremely tough. (It'' s so hard to consume just one dish nowadays …). Much more delicious than just salt. It tastes excellent when you blend it with salt, pepper as well as sesame seeds. Milk Cheers. Milk is additionally excellent. I think I can do this diet plan throughout the year. I placed a banana in the fridge freezer and also it tastes even much better. What time is the next dish? Mama: Don'' t eat it.( This was an unforeseen response). I have actually walked 5,000 steps. This is a stretch I do often these days.If you exaggerate

it, it ends up being poisonous. Diet as well as exercise correctly. I bought eggs. Begin acupressure with an egg carton. Everybody. It actually hurts. It harms a lot more when I crouch like this. (one bird). acupressure end. You look very unwell in the night, don'' t you? 5:30 pm. 2 boiled eggs. 200 ml of low-fat milk. 1 banana, 40 peanuts. Fracture an egg with your head. Not as agonizing as I believed. The yolk is wet. Eggs thaw in your mouth. Damage the 2nd egg. I ' m mosting likely to break my head Eggs are hard. This is not a promotion or sponsorship. It'' s my preferred milk. I ate up to 40 peanuts. Applause saying it was a pity that the meal was over. next day. 51.8 kg. -1.2 kg from the other day. Every person, I consider 51.8 kg today. I lost 1.2 kg from yesterday. Yesterday, a colleague gave me scrumptious kimchi. I intend to consume a great deal of kimchi with eggs! I'' ll attempt to consume a bit readjusting. 11:20 am. 2 steamed eggs + kimchi. 200 ml of low-fat milk. 1 banana. Youthful kimchi. anticipating it a whole lot. Increase the kimchi carefully. It tastes truly good when consumed with steamed egg as well as kimchi.If you drink milk with each other, it ' s paradise. It ' s definitely'delicious. I iced up a banana and it even ices up to the skin. I have strolled 12,000 steps. My body really feels lighter. My legs went up lighter than yesterday. I strolled even more than yesterday. I walked 12,000 steps. (Please commend). 5:30 pm. 2 steamed eggs. 200 ml of low-fat milk. 1 banana. 80 peanuts. hungry. hungry. How can eggs be so scrumptious to consume? Eggs that are delicious to consume or consume have actually gotten here. icy milk. Just the top is icy and also all-time low is not. Take a bite of milk ice. teeth are cold Peanuts are so delicious. I just ate 80 tablets gently. following day. Yesterday 51.8 kg. 51.0 kg today. Everyone, I evaluate 51.0 kg today. I lost 0.8 kg from yesterday. If you hang on till today, you will certainly have the ability to finish the 3-day diet plan well. you can do it. You should consume scrumptious kimchi and also eggs ~. Yeol radish kimchi is so delicious, best? Put this on the egg and also take a bite.Shake the fork when it tastes great. gently icy milk. Add calorie-free sugar and also icy bananas. Please consume it such as this. It ' s truly yummy. Nuts are love. It'' s crispy and also tasty. Today I walked 10,000 steps. Every person! Diet plan resembles extending!. It'' s difficult to start, however the moment you start, you'' ll enjoy it!. 5:30 pm. 2 boiled eggs. 200ml reduced fat milk + soybean flour. 1 banana + sugary foods. Salt + pepper + sesame seeds are extremely tasty when consumed together. It'' s actually yummy. I will eat it by mixing frozen milk and also soy flour. Scrape with a fork to melt. I'' ll offer you one bite. consuming. It'' s full-flavored. It ' s definitely delicious. a handful of sweets. I purchased it as a treat for my papa, but I consumed it. Consume to 2 more bags of nuts. Crispy delicious nuts. I will eat only dried out fish as well as coating today'' s meal. It ' s healthy protein, so it ' s ok. I advise grilling them in the air fryer. (Anxiety of tooth damages). All three days have passed. Here are the before as well as after images of you people on a diet regimen for 3 days.I think the swelling has actually decreased a great deal. I worked hard on myself. of course every person I shed 2.5 kg in 3 days like this. I will certainly show you how to get rid of appetite well. After lunch, I ate dinner 4 hrs later. I drank 1L of water throughout those 4 hrs. I'' ll reveal you how to cook an egg pleasantly. Steamed for 8 minutes, the egg yolk is undercooked. Boiled for 10 mins, the egg yolk ends up being damp and lightly cooked. Steam the eggs for 15 mins up until they are totally prepared. I suched as the eggs steamed for 10 mins the a lot of. Thanks a lot for viewing this video too. I hope I can be of some help to you!. After that see you next time!. The track I'' m playing now is a tune I created myself.

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