Did We Survive the Whole30 Diet? Part 2!

-[ Narrator] Previously on SoulPancake does the Whole3 0 Challenge, seven people in theSoulPancake office decided to do the Whole3 0 Challenge together. The last-place epoch we sawthem, was coming real. – So I’m here at Disney, and it’s been okay so far. I haven’t bought any menu now. – We are out in here in theLos Padres National Forest eating trailblazers, which is ground beef, potatoes, carrots, jalapeno, onions, and red peppers. – Whole3 0 Disney is going fine. – So, apparently you are ableto do the Whole3 0 and camp. -[ Narrator] Wait, Chelseahad no problem camping on Whole3 0 and Kenziethought Disney was fine? It is just like things were alittle too easy for the group. So we decided to make it more challenging and push them to their limits. We poked the assume, so to speak.As they all headed to theconference room for a powwow, Maggie and I put out somesweet and savory surprises, and then we waited. – Wait, what? – You’ve just been pranked. You guys were justpranked. How do “youre feeling”? – I merely cried and now you’reputting cheese on my desk. – You only cried? – I did. It’s been a really rough week. I haven’t eaten anything all day. – All day? – Yeah. And I precisely wantto stress eat that cheese. – I demand the donut. – You want a donut? – I think it did saythat we could smell food. – Yeah. – Guys, I feel like I can do this. -[ Narrator] Overall, wethought that went well and we were pretty proud of ourselves, however did frustrate a few people. Within our group of diligent dieters, we have one special case study. Natalie. As we know, Natalie didn’t want to exclude alcohol fromher life for a month. – I’m going to limit it tomaybe one or two times a week. -[ Narrator] Which asks the question, could wine be a gateway poison that could lead-in her to unplanned slip-ups? Upon further investigation, we discovered this gif.Could someone who believessuch a truth truly keep themselves from indulgingin taste-first meat? So we excavate a little deeperand you’d be scandalized with what we found on Instagram. This envision looksinnocent at first glance, but never forget to check the caption. “Baby bottle pop”. This next photo was likea Where’s Waldo? competition, but after 47 minutes ofhard searching, I spotted it.A half-eaten cupcake. Maybe it’s not hers, but perhaps it is. Wait, what’s this? Olivia posting about Natalie? Are they plotting tocover possible cheating? Because Natalie seemed to be on thin ice, but Olivia, on the otherhand, seemed to be doing fine. – I believe I’m gonna do itafter Whole3 0 is done with. I feel I’m just goingto reintroduce wine-colored, duh. -[ Narrator] Without vlog footage, people have a hard time hindering an attention on this particular subject, but we will continueto monitor her closely. – So I’m setting upfor our shoot tomorrow, and this is what I’m upagainst for the next five days, is all of this goodness right here. -[ Off-Camera] Do you think anyone else has fallen off the wagon? – If I’m being totally honest, I feel like every single person except for Tiffany has probablyeaten at least one thing and not told anybody about it.- Probably there was slip-upwhen they were at a eatery and they were like, “Yeah, there’s probably dairy in here.” – I belief Oskar may have inadvertently fallen off a few eras. He’s been out to dinner way too much. – Okay, so last week, I was having lunch at the restaurant across the street and I “ve got all” this breakfast food which we’re allowed to get there, and out of habit, I moved for the ketchup and I merely ran it on my eggs.I swear to God, I didn’t know, I precisely did it out of habit. I positioned ketchup all over myeggs and I eat them all. And it wasn’t until Iwas does so with everything that I realized that I precisely ateketchup, which is forbidden. I crave you guys to knowthat I didn’t make a choice to eat ketchup, it just happened. I didn’t think to myself, I want ketchup. I’m going to situate it on my eggs even though I know I’m not supposed to.I simply did it. -[ Narrator] Day 30. Our participants have almostmade it to the finish line. For the final day of the Whole3 0, a last supper was held by allthe partaking SoulPancakers. – It’s been a really fun 30 periods, so let’s do a little roundtable. How did it proceed? – My journey was really hardthe first week and a half.I kind of had a perspective shift, and I was a little less hard-bitten on myself. Then the last few weekswere smooth sailing. – The Whole3 0 felt likeit approximately flew by for me, especially the last two weeks because everything was so busy, so I’m approximately disappointedthat it’s resolve, but I know that that’sonly the camaraderie part. – I went on a family vacation and we had dinner so many times and I actually couldn’t eatanything, but you just say no and then you snacked last-minute or you devour before. – So I get this cyst and it got infected. I’ve had it for a year. When we started the Whole3 0, it started shrinking. – You’re kidding me.- I’m not kidding. – You’re kidding me.- It “couldve been” the Whole3 0. – About a year ago, Igot a blood panel done and my TSH degrees “re coming back” truly high-pitched, which is for yourthyroid and the last year it’s always come backbetween a five and a seven. Two weeks into the diet, Igot another blood test done and it was 3.5, for thefirst time in a year. – Whoa. – Yeah. – That’s wild. – I feel varied. It had somevery unexpected benefits. – I was feeling a little moremotivated because every day I was accomplishingsticking to the Whole3 0. – Whole3 0 plus is whatwe’ve been calling it. It’s the remix edition with wine. – I didn’t really accomplish my entirety I want to be more disciplinedand that kind of mindset. – I feel a lot better, for certain. Which I didn’t think wasgoing to be the case. – I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who is interested in trying. – I think everyone should do it, only to certainly look at theingredients in your food. – You are being consciousof your own health. It various kinds of chafes off onother beings a little. – Everyone should be doing this. Everyone should at least make this step to be eating healthier. – I do not believe that I wouldrecommend Whole3 0 to everyone.My greatest struggle with it was that it was very restrictive and I also think it wouldbe very demotivating for a lot of beings to gocold turkey so suddenly. I are of the view that if I ever kindof fell off the bandwagon of these brand-new routines, that Imight go back and do it again. – I would even do it again. – Would I do it again? I don’t know. – I would do it again. – February 2019. -[ Narrator] But now we getto the crux of our experimentation. Why do our SoulPancakersthink it is so hard to do things that are good for them? – Having done the Whole3 0, I feel like it is stressful to do things that are good for you. – When you do somethingthat’s good for you, sometimes you don’t seethe results right away. – I believe once you startsetting purposes for yourself and have a challenge, itkind of opens your eyes. – Hard work isn’t fun orsexy. It sucks, you are familiar with? – I think that it ishard to start brand-new things that are good for you, butwe are honestly so resilient. – I think it becomes easier. It’s a muscle “youve got to” exercise.-[ Narrator] Althoughskepticism still remains among some of us, you can not deny that everyone got some sortof benefit from the Whole3 0. We are proud of our SoulPancakers that ended this challengeand we encourage you to start a brand-new attire that’s good for you. Why do you think it canbe so hard to do things that are good for you? Have you tried the Whole3 0? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments![ Techno Music ].

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