Best Osteoporosis Diet and Exercises

Hi, I’m Margaret at MelioGuide and today Iwant to talk about the importance of nutrition and exert as it relates to bone and bonebuilding. So, you all know, hopefully by now, that wehave two key cells when it comes to bone building. We have osteoblasts. They are responsible for producing some theosteocytes. Osteocytes are cadres found in bone. Then we have osteoclasts. Those are the cleaners and cutters of bone. So when you’re looking at how to build bone, wouldn’t it be great to go, “Hmm, when it comes to exercise and nutrition, what in bothof those things stimulate osteoblasts so that osteoblasts quicken the make or canincrease their production of osteocytes? ” Because then you would have more bone. So, when it comes to exercise, we know highintensity, high frequency is important.That’s where you get your most bang for yourbuck. Having said that, moderate usage has beenshown to likewise be beneficial. So there was a study where they looked atboth pre and post-menopausal women who were chosen to walk 30 times four times a weekat a moderate severity on a treadmill. They appeared specific at bone turnovermarkers and bone resorption. And even the moderate vigour ambling onthe treadmill were pictured to decrease both the bone turnover markers and the bone resorption, which is a very positive thing when it comes to building bone. On the nutrition result, there’s a number of nutrientsthat has been shown to be very positive in stimulating osteoblasts to create osteocytes. The register is too numerous for me to cover inthis blog now, but we’re going to include it following the adjournment of the blog. And so above and beyond, the nutrition and theexercise is our genetics.And good or bad, depending on your familythat you’re coming from, your genetics predisposes you either in a positive way or a negativeway as to how your osteocytes comes energized and how their responses eventually to exerciseand nutrition. But knowing what you know, you are eligible to perform thebest of what you have and choose wisely when it comes to your nutrition and your exercisein building stronger bones. I’m Margaret at MelioGuide ..

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