Bengali DIET plan for weight loss 5 kg ওজন কমান | দুর্গাপূজা special

Hi morning, wassup? Durga puja is almost here. I am sure u all are very busy now for last min browsing, skincare, elegance indispensable etc Too a lot of you will be concerned that since Pujo is here, let’s try to reduce our force coz I am coming many requests on it. Most of u want to fit into ur sexy pujo outfit. I have shared my home exercise routine and dance workout for rookies. Its recreation acces to lose weight who can’t practise at all. U need to brisk walk likewise Most request was about nutrition and bengali diet plan. I have lost all my heavines by consuming bengali meat only. So don’t believe in languages like u can’t lose weight by eating fish and rice. Then I am a living pattern of how I lost weight by eating the same. I ate lily-white rice but in required ratios. Understand concepts of smart munching& snack delineating. So that we limit our food desires, also indulge into our delicacies& still lose weight If u likewise workout daily for 1 – 1.5 hours. u can easily lose 5 kgs U have to be strict and of course not for everyone bcoz metabolism rate, body structure, infection etc differs from person to person. But for people who have fast metabolism n can be dedicated to fitness and have no medical concern, they can lose the kilos fast within a few months. Others can also do atleast 2-3 kgs in a month. So bengali specific diet I am Anwesha Mukherjee, u r watching SimpleTips Anwesha Bangla. I also have a hindi/ english canal on various diet, workout beauty tips-off constantly, twice every week But this one is heart to heart in bengali for bengalis.This is Durga Puja special I will too upload my drag on this channel very soon. Try to make this a lifestyle habit Not a temporary thing. Don’t start with berthed tea/ coffee. Start with ACV Its been a miracle for me. Add 1 tsp of ACV in 150 ml of halfhearted water Check link in description chest below Pls try these recipes. Avoid puri parantha everyday, Once a few weeks is fine . .

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